1. I like the in game one where you’re in an offensive drive and you have a key offensive player on the sideline dappin up defensive players.

  2. not built different, just the amount of knowledge and help they get is unreachable for a regular player

  3. He was either going to or coming from a concert. Are you allowed to bring a concealed carry into a venue?

  4. I couldn't do this but it's impressive and pretty neat!

  5. you definitely can - 3t fishing isn't too hard, you'll figure it out after a few minutes.

  6. oh I'm certain I could learn. It's just way to tedious for me to ever want to do it.

  7. lol i used to blast all the prayers it would allow just to see how fast it would tick down

  8. No way you can build a 99 team in 2 seasons. I call BS... But I know where you are going.

  9. Maybe no cap is better suited for a single user franchise. If I’m online with my friends I don’t see the fun in it. Offer every player you want a max contract. Rinse and repeat.

  10. Don’t mix real world politics into runescape pls :)

  11. Why yes? countries and different identities don't get to have their own cards, so why should lgbt be any different?

  12. What’s the big deal? Does the rainbow threaten your sexuality.

  13. Reports of treylon Burks suffering through minicamp with asthma and other related issues.

  14. I don’t think it’s cool to make fun of asthma

  15. Ok well I don’t think anyone was so great news.

  16. I would shit on your aim, but I just finished a game where some finka was chilling down the hall on theme park, all vulnerable n shit only for me to somehow miss my initial headshot, and have her make a full 180 and get me to 30 health.

  17. Doesn't kitchen only have Freezer as useful Hatch?

  18. Yeah that’s true. Maybe the one in small Christmas.

  19. Not the large one on the top floor. The tiny one on 1f by bar.

  20. What's the point of cams when you're sacrificing the ability to reinforce your position? As I mentioned earlier, you're better off choosing Castle since Castle is able to actually STOP the enemy AND place a camera, unlike Valk who is simply wasted potential.

  21. Drafted one like this. 74 ovr hidden dev ended up being SS Xfactor. 90 speed.

  22. Folks will need to stop using Saudi gas and oil as well. Lets see how committed they are when their high road impacts their family directly.... I bet they wont

  23. Comparing someone middle or lower class buying gas to multi millionaires taking millions is an interesting slant.

  24. How much Saudi gas, oil, and products made from their oil do you buy each year? Maybe you are partly to blame for funding the tour to begin with

  25. Traded Derrick Henry for Higgins straight up

  26. How is Aaron Rodgers never a 99!? How many MVP's does this man need. He makes all the throws

  27. Precook them at home and place the dog and bun in some tinfoil and tightly wrap it. Then either let it sit in the warm sun or maybe in a thermos of hot water? The heat part is evading me.

  28. They don’t pay taxes so let’s give them another freebie

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