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  1. Omg, you have 2! So precious. What a pair they will be. Have the best life with them

  2. Some people are idiots. “Yea, my so and so had breast cancer and died three months later.”

  3. Fingers crossed for good results. ❤ Furgie

  4. So adorable. But your home now, so on with the treats.

  5. Pinktober shit. 😆😆 OP, have to remember this.

  6. Pork vs veal Schnitzel is like night vs day. If it is properly cooked and not just greasy everyone should taste the difference. Though I dont know in what context or what dishes were meant by the comment from your father.

  7. Agreed that they are day and night. Most people are not food connoisseurs. And with the breading, less so. Did notice many eateries don't tell you. My Father spoke of Schnitzel served in the breaded way.

  8. If you soak the pork in milk, I think it is very hard to tell the difference especially since most people do not eat a lot of veal anymore. A lot of restaurants and grocers don’t sell it, people are uncomfortable ordering it.

  9. One of the vet techs hugged me the last time I took my dog in for a checkup. She was so touched that I brought some red bulls and gourmet donuts for them. We need a veterinary employees appreciation day or something if there already isn't one. I feel bad that so many pet owners are so abusive towards people working in the veterinary industry.

  10. Me too. Appalling behavior. My kind Vet came up to do a home euthanasia and I was so grateful. In appreciation of her and her staffs compassion and care of my beloved Chuckie, I bought the office a very large box of Italian cookies and a Thank You card. It really was so appreciated.

  11. The goodest girl . Go with God across the Rainbow Bridge⚘

  12. A pupper after my own heart. Give her a kiss for me

  13. Love them! Please give them a tasty treat for me

  14. Thank you for sharing this valuable info. CCD baffles many owners.

  15. My condolences,OP. ⚘ It will still be raw after a few weeks. I find just letting the tears flow helps at the moment. Take care of yourself, friend

  16. I'm so sorry for your loss, we can never completely replace our fur family, take care ...

  17. I never saw this pic. Frank feeling good. RIP chonky boy

  18. Wow, this is so interesting. I've never seen a cut one. Had no idea. Incredible

  19. My sincerest condolences ⚘ Your Caesar did indeed look like the goodest boy. So huggable. Wishing you peace

  20. Handsome ginger boy. A kitty after my own heart. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. 3.5 years is heartbreaking. My condolences, OP. ⚘

  21. A lovely tribute to your beloved Finn. A very special pupper. My condolences⚘

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