1. Holy shit, so 3 filler episodes in a row? Like I am having fun with this series, but damn it could have been a tight 6 episode arc,

  2. "I don't care what a bunch of losers say about me online". THANK YOU. It must be incredibly hard for those fans to know they're so predictable that they can be called out in stories written literally months before the show premieres and they see it.

  3. Dude, the internet has been around for ages. It has nothing to do with predicting stupid people online.

  4. Why? Gay men aren't immune to misogyny. I had a gay friend who would constantly talk about how much he hated his ex-girlfriend. I mean, I understand why, because he had his own struggles as a gay man coming out of the closet and he wasn't actually attracted to her, but in his descriptions of her, she was contemptuous for doing normal things like wanting his affection.

  5. Ginsberg was a fuckin creep. He was a NAMBLA supporter.

  6. Now if only EA would lose the NFL license. The same shitty game re-using old mechanics in a 4 year rotation. Remove some, add some back in and call it new again.

  7. They’re still going to make the soccer game, they’re just renaming it and not using the fifa logo

  8. But it opens the door for Konami to pick up the Fifa title. That is all people really care about. PES is much better but nobody buys it because they think it is a FIFA knockoff.

  9. If he identifies things planted, he admits it is not his. So the special master did not need to review it. But if he admits it was not planted, he admits he took it. This is a damned of he does or damned if he doesn't situation.

  10. Dude is about to announce his Special Master was planted.

  11. Either her son or husband, can't remember, their nickname is "joey snapple". What happened to cool mob nicknames?

  12. Mob nicknames were always laughable. Sometimes you'd get Sammy the Bull or Jimmy Two Times but really they were a farce and made fun of the person.

  13. Stupid people believe that everyone thinks exactly like they do. trump has shown time and time again that he will hold a grudge forever. Since he is, ya know, really really stupid he believed that Dearie would be holding a grudge against the FBI. There was ketchup on the walls the day he found out he was wrong on that one.

  14. My boss is one of these people. Thinks everyone has his same mindset on things. My wife got covid and tested positive on Sunday, when I talked about it at work (she's quarantined on the second floor of our house and I test daily) my boss goes "I don't understand how tests work, how they can see the difference between the flu and covid, so she might really just have the flu"

  15. Oh gee, it's almost like Democrats have basic human compassion capabilities so we actually care about everyone, including minorities...

  16. It’s Jurassic Park funded (in part) by the CIA. I’m sure nothing bad will come of this.

  17. Yea, a bunch of Seth Rogen hate here from people who don't seem to be familiar with much of his recent output.

  18. Dude gave us The Boys, Preacher, Invincible, Black Monday, Pam and Tommy, Future Man and Upcoming Darkwing Duck and TMNT projects.

  19. I only saw the Tower of Terror movie, I skipped the Haunted Mansion one after everyone said it was terrible. I love Eddie Murphy and this was made at the lowest point of his career (Norbit and Pluto Nash era)

  20. I want him to be the big bad once more, but it is unlikely. Dude has a soul tornado and was still underpowered. His best tactic is to manipulate whomever is running the show like Shao Kahn or Shinnok and take power that way.

  21. So item 457,512,316 on the list of evidence that Donald Trump is a terrible fucking person.

  22. You must be Canadian, using your weird metric numbers. In America, it's item 938,396,742,156

  23. The phrase "finger the orange guy" made me throw up in my mouth a little. Thanks!

  24. Did you just admit to squirting after reading that?

  25. Freddy Got Fingered just got its sequel title - Donnie Got Fingered.

  26. Someone should press him on this. Ask if he really wants to make America gay, because this man can never admit to a mistake and will double down on anything when it's called out.

  27. Dude was obviously just promoting the new movie "Bros." - the first big gay romcom to hit theaters.

  28. https://twitter.com/MeidasTouch/status/1573462867029897216

  29. Dude was obviously just promoting the new movie "Bros." - the first big gay romcom to hit theaters.

  30. No shit. 75 million fucking people wanted this traitor to become President again in 2020. If even just 10% of those scoundrels believe force is justified to restore him as Dear Leader, well there's 7.5 million right there.

  31. Fun fact, 30% of any population will always be on the wrong side of things. Luckily there's about 325 Million Adults who can vote and only 74 Million of those think violence is ok. That's only about 22% but then average in those who dont vote (but can) and it's probably closer to 30%.

  32. I do love the joke: I always tell women online that I have a body like Christian Bale, I just don't tell them from what movie.

  33. Well damn, can't play a fat guy anymore if you're not fat. Why are fat people trying to become their own class/race all of a sudden?

  34. Why blizzard doing it is a big problem? You guys talking like you already didn't share your number somewhere else like Facebook or Instagram (and on those platform date stole have already happened)

  35. It's just Blizzard trying to lie about it is the issue. They say its to protect people, but really its to make money off them.

  36. They can privately hate his guts, in public they will blow him.

  37. It looks like a Skink with the thin tail and glossy exterior. But the eyes scream Gecko. It's too glossy to be an Anole - a dry lizard.

  38. That's not a brown anole - too thin. I see Anole's everywhere when I stay at Kidani. They have a bright orange neck pouch thingy that expands - freaked my kid out because we had just watched Jurassic Park a week earlier and it looked like it was a Spitter.

  39. It'd be funny if Disney Dan photobombed in the background.

  40. Don't go on a day where the part is held, get the most out of your ticket. The whole park is decorated from August - November. You still get all the wonderful sights and smells of Fall/Halloween that Disney pumps out through the vents.

  41. Today I learned you can zoom in too close to an animatronic so it makes it 10x more terrifying. This is some 1960s Disney Magic, making a bird with guns seem more scary than whimsical.

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