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  1. Personally I'd get an SSD and install Windows on that as it's a fairly cheap and easy upgrade and after that maybe a motherboard/CPU upgrade (Something like a B450 motherboard and a Ryzen 5 3600)

  2. New face filters on Instagram today. This is my favourite one so far. Nice job team 😊

  3. My sister wanted to start a flower drop-shipping business

  4. My sister buys clothes online, wears them once or twice, and then sells them for less than she bought them for, somehow thinks she is making profit??

  5. Never see them wearing the same clothes more than one

  6. sub*** also is anyone else obsessed with terracotta? I love it so much but I’m not sure I would actually bath in that in real life hahahah. I’m cringing thinking about it

  7. For me it's entering a place I've never been to. What if they have a special way to serve their customers I'm not aware of? What if I look like a fool because I don't understand their concept? Just ordering a coffee from a new coffee shop feels like I'm going to a different country in a language I don't understand.

  8. It could be cool if I took a photo of a pedestrian crossing light at an intersection that has the countdown but I made the number like in the negatives But I live in a small town so I don’t have any near me :(

  9. How does Lexapro feel? I want to go on meds but I'm looking for something I wont have a dependency on.

  10. I can’t say cuz really it’s different for everyone...

  11. Dude if you’re going to spam things on people posts, at least don’t do it on ones that are serious 😐 that’s super insensitive. not cool man

  12. Good shot, and nice job with the colours! I would probably have taken it with a wider aperture to blur the background, or fix it in post. Especially the blue/green car on the right is a bit distracting.

  13. You probably know but make sure you book accessible tickets too. I went with my mum who has MS and also uses mobility aids. I had to email through and be allocated seating in the accessible area 😊

  14. Oh thanks I didn’t actually think about getting accessible tickets! Where abouts were your accessible seats? Did you still have a good view of the show from that area? My mums really short so I was gonna book on the tiered seating.

  15. The accessible seating was right in the front row beside the stageon the left and right. Sitting down, this meant head height was a wee bit below the stage level but I personally loved it and had no issue. You're far enough back that it isn't like craning your neck in the front row at the cinema 🤣

  16. Definitely sounds like a panic attack. I used to get them daily, and they often didn't have an identifiable trigger.

  17. Thank you for your response :) I actually do have another question - did u ever try to ease the feeling by eating?

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