1. There's an argument to be made that you are too late - lots of growth stocks have already been trimmed 80%+. REITS not as bad, but also heavily down if not oversold. They can still go lower, but by % wise I think bad earnings will hit the "safe" stocks harder - see what happened to Walmart.

  2. The only way to get rid of inflation is with relatively high unemployment (7%+). High unemployment should cause a bit of contraction in the real estate market. A “crash” would only happen if this “soft landing” gets out of control quickly. If you’re looking for reasons why that could happen, you’d need a crystal ball. But just because we don’t know what they are right now doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for them to exist

  3. Soft landings almost never happen. Interest rates are a blunt tool used to force the economy to slow down, and necessarily reduce employment. Nobody know what is going to happen with QT, but it's never been done on this scale before. Fed has been hinting at a possible soft landings because that's their job, but economists such as Larry Summers have essentially called BS.

  4. The amount of people that have no idea how options work and still trade them is incredible. Help my cc expired ITM what now? Hey guys I opened a call credit spread and it expired half in half out what now? There needs to be a written test for yall lmao

  5. You don't want to be trading in a market where everyone is a shark. Someone's got to lose money for you to make it 😁

  6. Banks. Check out their past performance when the going gets tough. Citicorp used to be $1000 or something, never recovered. Apparently Warren Buffet is buying it, what the hell is thinking?

  7. You mean during the GFC? This isn't a systemic financial crisis and you can't draw many, if any, parallels. Banks are much better capitalized than in 2007. And should profit handsomely in an inflationary environment.

  8. Well that’s even worse then jesus

  9. I don't mind owning stocks at these prices. Stocks continue to crater 30%

  10. Yep, when TWLO WAS AT 180, I told myself I'd be happy owning at 120. When it was at 100, I thought that was an excellent point of resistance and that it couldn't go much further. Bottomed out at 78 last week.

  11. Silly, those rules aren't for the CoC to follow, they are there for them to enforce on juniors and to give Dan Lebouthillier a speaking point about culture change. Rules/codes change, but the way they are selectively applied will not.

  12. Let’s get back down to SPX 3800!

  13. I don't find the premiums justify the volatility. Take a look at TWLO. Currently at 107

  14. You can make decent money on far OTM strikes if you aren't too greedy

  15. The only downside I see is that there's no way for hikers that want to start nice and early, to access the park. First shuttle is at 9:10 so you're probably not getting to a trailhead til 9:30. Not that that's the end of the world since there's not really any trails in Gatineau park that are long enough to necessitate an early AM start; just a minor inconvenience if people did want to go early.

  16. Exactly, on weekends I would show up at 7 am to avoid the rush. Trails can get very crowded on nice days

  17. I'm actually more comfortable selling puts against quality stocks near 52 weeks lows. This is a good time to be selling deep deep OTM puts with a far DTE, and layer some super low Delta short DTE.

  18. Yeah. I said that 2 weeks ago. Selling 6 delta puts that are now ITM. Be careful.

  19. Will do, thanks. What do you mean by 6 delta? 0.6? For near DTE I generally aim for sub 0.05 delta

  20. I mean we seemed pretty productive post WWII when the rate was 90%...

  21. Sure, only took a World War to devastate the rest of the industrialized world.

  22. In the foreseeable future nothing until the market rebounds. I will not be selling calls on some tickers when certain stocks have been gang raped.

  23. Why not sell puts? Elevated VIX is a great time to sell CSP's on beaten up stocks

  24. Deciding which CC 20 May strike to sell on my SLPD shares. I got in at 6.09 and the stock is just shy of 9 now. 10 strike would be playing it safe, 7.50 would be aggressively bearish. I'd like to free up the cash buy am bullish long term. Decisions decisions.

  25. Good Evening. Having recently participated in the CAF CWO Conference last week, I can assure you that the new Command, Chief Professional Conduct and Culture (CCPD)'s sole purpose is improving the culture of the CAF. The CPO1/CWO Corps knows what is at stake and have our direction from the CAF CWO to sort this shit out. Regardless of your rank you are able to make improvement's today in your immediate AOR. We don't need a report or new policy to tell us to be a good person, simply be one. look out for one another and sort out/call out those who are acting contrary to that.

  26. Great. Was accountability addressed? Not just holding offenders responsible, but the CoC's that enable them, fail to address them? That's the failing that kills my morale. There needs to be consequences for not addressing the rot in your command. Another DLN course and CANFORGEN and DWAN email from the MND isn't going to do anything but increase the cynicism that "culture change" is anything but skin-level leading-change bullet points for the latest command team.

  27. I've said it before and I'll say it again - if you're looking to get a civilian job:

  28. Not sure if this is the right thread for this. Something interesting happened with my broker. I think there was a mistake. I sold 30 8$ TLRY CC expiring Friday. They obviously expired in the money. So I am expecting to either get assigned and keep the premium plus the $ for the shares at 8$, or I keep the shares and the premium. Those are the only two options correct? What happened is I still have the shares and my account is negative $1500 cash. It's like they deducted how much the CC were in the money OR they assigned me and re-bought the shares without asking me. Anyone know what happened?

  29. You were assigned. Most brokers settle it over the weekend, you will see the proceeds in your account by open on Monday.

  30. Exactly! Plunged a month or two before legalization went into effect and four years later have never recovered. Remember when Canopy Growth was $80+?

  31. 3-25 BMY $71 Covered Call. Roll up or let the shares go.

  32. I'd let it go and sell puts at $70 strike. Either collect a rich premium or get the stock back at a price cheaper than you sold.

  33. Just been watching BAC flirt with my 43 strike CSP. I'll take assignment and wheel if necessary. Problem with BAC is low premium. Anyone have financial tickers they prefer?

  34. You will get a lot better answers if you post details of the trade.

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