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  1. PSA: for anyone with significant post-covid sequelae (i.e. long covid, especially symptoms related to metabolism, fatigue, GI issues, or other systemic problems), sign up for RECOVER:

  2. it's in a rock. literally. being born with a rock in you is possible, but complicated and likely deadly. the magic's mostly inert at the moment, so the rocks don't do much worth countering, but are countered by other rocks. the rocks are magnets.

  3. agreed. and i think it was made over the course of 15-20 years?

  4. I’m just a deckhand. It’s so fun but long hours and can be pretty dirty sometimes, not to mention extremely dangerous. But it’s by far the best job in the world. I may come out soon and start taking hrt and I really hope it doesn’t affect my current job cause I absolutely love this boat.

  5. that sounds amazing. as deckhand, you kind of fill in and run around as needed? specialize a bit in everything? (i'm writing a fantasy sea heist adventure atm, so mildly obsessed)

  6. Umm, I can for the most part. Not for anything like mates but I did fill in as boatswain for a bit when we had ours go down at the end of my last contract. Ofc, our boatswain position is a bit different to most boatswain positions in that they have less power/authority and are really more of a maintenance/repairman for the deck department’s toys, but anything’s possible in dire straits. Other than that though probably not too many positions that I could take over, I can always help out the other departments (engineering, stew and galley) but actually filling in those positions would leave the deck department shorthanded so it probably wouldn’t be more than a helping hand. And in larger ships it’s a total different story I’d imagine. I will say though, in emergency situations EVERYBODY fills in where needed. Fire and someone on the team isn’t checking in? They could be caught in the blaze. Man overboard and your rescue boat driver isn’t responding to any calls? Could be in the water. We all have our very specific assigned duties in those situations, but we also know that nothing in an emergency goes to plan. It’s honestly taught me to be much more accepting of leadership roles too. Lemme know if you have any questions I love talking about my job!

  7. ahhh, thanks for answering! i may reach out in the future with more questions, cause this is the coolest.

  8. my headcannon for the longest time was the whiny boy king in fantasy life. took far too long to realize he's a) not blond or white and b) an adult.

  9. Thank you. That sounds like a good idea. Do you know where the best place to buy audiobooks is? And do they go really fast or do they read it slowly?

  10. you can set the speed to whatever’s comfortable for you. someone mentioned libby, and your local library is a great place to start your reading adventures and ask for recommendations.

  11. Would that make Tinker Bell a child of an Honor spren and a Cryptic?

  12. I also sometimes see BAM (Ba-Ado-Mishram), GB (Ghostbloods), NB (Nightblood), FotS (First of the Sun), SP (Secret Project), and YoS (Year of Sanderson)

  13. Thanks for mentioning these. Working on a list, and I know I’m missing some of these in-world ones (feel free to reply here with more).

  14. I’m sorry my friend it’s too ingrained in us, we must ROW with what we have been given and WOK along this path as we deal with our HOA.

  15. i've often gone through the same cycles with ragnarok online (no matter what server you join the glory days seem to be over).

  16. there are about a dozen of them, and they're on a regular rotation as a cluster. a manual rotation because reasons.

  17. keep it as a starting point and revise as you go? also worth looking into other pantheons that the greeks may have borrowed from (eg: Egyptian).

  18. i would use this strictly for level-up hit dice. very cool!

  19. SWW was interesting when it was a season-long deep dive into a truly bizarre case study. but every episode being an individual tale of abuse is just a lot.

  20. 99% invisible. He made a shift after BLM to look for topics that are heavier and while I respect that it's his choice, it lost some of its whimsy for me. I desperately miss episodes about staircases built into city planning and so on. The lightness was a source of joy for me.

  21. i feel this for a lot of pods that cover heavy topics. i've just burnt out on the news cycle and bleakness of it all. i was saturated in that kind of content for like 2 straight years, and i'm just tired.

  22. i know it doesn’t offer tangible help, but i’ve found ‘you should be writing’ to be mostly nonsense. i’ve been most ‘productive’ having only one day a week dedicated to writing (i have a day job). it gives me the week to prep in a free-form way, so that i’m actually excited to write by the weekend.

  23. depends how you use them. code names or titles for a secret organization? hell yeah. names for everyday people? i'm intrigued at the linguistics of your culture (potentially still hell yeah).

  24. sounds like you're just getting started! welcome to the club. there are a lot of ways to structure an arc. i've always been a fan of the

  25. i love this. for your question, look up any leftist infighting, lol. to grossly oversimplify: anarchists and communists both acknowledge the class war. but anarchists want mutual aid and small-scale action, whereas communists believe it's necessary to replace the old systems with something better, that will lead to a level of freedom where those principles of aid can thrive (others feel free to nuance this discourse).

  26. Always considered it a top down rpg. Learn something new everyday 🤔

  27. at the time it was considered action-adventure. an rpg requires making choices as a character, and link is specifically designed to be a 'blank slate' that the player uses to interact with the world.

  28. my grandfather had an encyclopedia collection and a globe, and i loved them so much.

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