1. First thought was irrigation, but based on the size of the pipe I am guessing it is some type of drain line, especially since there is a clean out right next to it. Where its a drain from is impossible to know without seeing your property / their property, or starting to dig.

  2. You should check out the ArmoryCraft adjustable trigger. It will let you remove all/most of the take up from the trigger. I would only use this trigger if its a range gun though.

  3. Washington is a vote by mail state. They don’t care about the citizens when they can harvest votes. There hasn’t been an audit since vote by mail started to ensure this change is effective, legit, and fair.

  4. Oregon has been vote by mail for 30 years, even republican candidates for secretary of state say it's secure.

  5. common sense is obvious that it would be easier to fill out a ballot that does not belong to you if all you have to do is mail it in, than it would be to fill out a ballot that does not belong to you if you have to do it in person with people monitoring the voting booths

  6. Depends what you own already. They're very different firearms obviously.

  7. Didn't your mom tell you if you keep making that face it's going to get stuck like that?

  8. Seems op is trying to get "data" for an anti position. Proving semis should be banned perhaps?

  9. As I said the last time this was reposted - that's potentially a couple thousand dollars worth of balisongs on the table if they are genuine and not clones. Hardly mall ninja.

  10. Those Spyderco Szabo balis are really rare and worth a pretty penny if in new shape. Not to mention the older Benchmades.

  11. I see people who don’t suck in all MMR ranges. He isn’t wrong that he probably would get smoked. There’s a LOT of people tanking their MMR just to feed on noobs.

  12. There is not a LOT of people tanking their MMR. We call that hyperbole. I've played this game for thousands of hours on console and PC, and the game is in a great place right now.

  13. I'd ask for a refund if possible. SROs suck. But if not, get it warrantied and tell them every single issue. I wouldn't accept that same exact optic either.

  14. Its called a phaeton, not phantom. And what the hell are you carrying a punch dagger for? Gun is cool though

  15. It says perceptionbrand clearly above the photo. And it’s a crosspost, I didn’t create the original image.

  16. Why dont you guys just start doing kydex also? I dont know anyone that uses leather anymore.

  17. Always buy sig pistols but if you wanna get a red dot then get an RMR from Trijicon. Sig makes good stuff but their red dots are horrid

  18. 1 of their optics is horrid (zero), 1 is real meh (romeo 1), and 2 are amazing (MAX and romeo 2)

  19. Not sure if it sold yet. $155. Very trusted user, I’ve had transactions with them, GTG. 👍🏼

  20. Might be more useful to practice this at at least 15 yards on an A zone

  21. If you've got lots of disposable income by all means blow through rounds at short distances, its fun. But I try get the most out of every mag because funds are tight so I combine fundamentals instead of focusing on a single thing. You can build speed and recoil control in a more meaningful way by pushing the distance out a little bit outside your comfort zone for a given speed. You're probably hitting a .8-.9 draw and about .18-.21 splits which is impressive, but there isn't much recoil control involved at such a short distance in my experience. You'll quickly be A-M level if you're doing that at 20 yards.

  22. I havent bought direct from them, but I use their products and their products are sweet.

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