I left the country to avoid paying child support for a kid I didn't want

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  1. Whenever I'm tempted to buy one, I check out an unboxing of the previous year's, and I'm cured.

  2. The vast majority of people don't experience any serious negative side effects. However, there is a small percentage that does, and it can cause permanent damage (especially to the glands that provide moisture to the eyes, resulting in chronic dry eye).

  3. I'm trying to get a FRAGRANCE GIFT SET but the CODE is not working????? What happened????

  4. Under the coupon details, it says the code excludes fragrance and Dyson

  5. Honestly, I ignore the packets and perfume vials, and compare what's left.

  6. I bought them and am in frickin love. After once use my skin was smoother than it’s ever been. It’s crazy.

  7. I managed to dig up a 3-treatment sample of the Extra Strength last night, and ended up buying 5 boxes. Plus 2 Universal, for good measure...

  8. How on earth have these not sold out yet? It totally is the best value (in Canada anyways). Their blockbuster set was 60 treatments for $198. Even with 20 percent off it would be $160. But you can buy 6 boxes of these to get 60 treatments at a cost of $120ish. Sephora is still showing in stock online and at the stores! I wonder if they will be around until next Friday when the 20 percent off starts again because then it would make them $16 a box😱

  9. I think the 50% off is just part of the Black Friday sale, so it will be back to regular price by the time the 20% off starts.

  10. They also have some nice GWPs on Charlotte Tilbury:

  11. I forgot to finalize my Ulta order last night, none of it is on sale now. Ugh. I had a cleansing balm, about face cream blush, peanuts makeup bag for a gift, and some lip glosses for coworkers gifts.

  12. About Face is 30% off entire brand starting tonight

  13. It's annoying that they have a delayed start date for use on the eRewards that's a month out.

  14. Oh, so I should have gotten that Bed Head waver when it was on sale a couple of days ago. 😭 Was hoping it'd be 50% off like last year.

  15. It'll be in the Cyber Monday sale for 40% off

  16. You don't need to subscribe to shop the store currently. Just click the link

  17. Not buying a $60 mystery bag until I see what's in it. Anyone feeling brave? :p

  18. Continue with the bot. When it can't find an auto solution, it will ask you to describe your problem and will open a ticket with their actual customer service team.

  19. I always want Clionadh so bad but then I look at my unused custom iridescent multi chrome palette lol

  20. That's one of the reasons I'm stocking up on circle pans. They're a lot less intimidating than the multichromes, and $3.80 USD each is rather cheap for the quality (I think they used to be around $5.50-$6.00 USD each, when they were carried).

  21. Boxycharm does some things well, but mystery bundles isn't one of them.

  22. Their mystery bundles are always from their current stock. I've never seen a mystery bundle that included an item (or past box) that wasn't available for purchase separately.

  23. It depends what setting you use; there are three, and each one is a bit louder.

  24. I don't fault the gf for changing her mind about wanting children after learning she was pregnant. It's not the same for everyone, but hormones and instincts can completely change the equation.

  25. As expected, that's the technicality.

  26. WG also has a brush and face palette bundle that is OOS, but it may be brought back for this sale, as it is listed as "returning soon." I doubt it will return, but hope it will, because this duo actually includes his #13 brush, which alone is a $50+ value. The duos I'm referring to are:

  27. They all seem to be in stock now

  28. I ended up purchasing! I used the 10% off code for signing up for an account. My total (with tax) was $301.21 and then I received $47.81 cash back on Rakuten. I feel amazing about this purchase - thank you so much for posting 💕

  29. Thank you for posting! I’m so tempted to buy I just don’t know if there will be a better price in the future 😭

  30. I'd be surprised if there were, just because Rakuten is usually lower, and I think the free gifts were just added for Black Friday.

  31. If they're minors, it's considered income for you (and therefore your tax liability).

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