[Postgame Thread] USC Defeats UCLA 48-45

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  1. Anyone got their digits? Maybe I can afford one now.

  2. The orange dot represents the year 1977 when that ball was worthy.

  3. Bishop weather has been decent last couple of weeks. Almost 70 degrees one day last week. Most mornings around 25 degrees.

  4. I'm really looking forward to Earth's beauty... Thank you for your reply; this makes me feel better! How often do the plows have to be used?

  5. Any decent storm. Cal Trans does a great job on 395. You didn't mention if you have a 4 wheel drive?

  6. Lighting...100% !! You have nailed the photography aspect.

  7. "Moves drivers seat up one inch since losing three beltloops*

  8. Was it there last week? I do know he is on vacation this week.

  9. Yes noticed the change yesterday. I visit that site often

  10. OK, we will need to check back on Monday after he returns to Mammoth.

  11. It will be awesome... Its just the outside edge with the dry spices.... Do it!! And then do what you normally do with the butter added. Not how I would do it but it will come out tasty!!

  12. It's a Costa Rica thing, not to be confused with authentic Mexican food. Salsa Lizano ingredients are" water, sugar, salt, vegetables (onions, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers), spices, pepper, mustard, turmeric, modified corn starch....

  13. Wife and I went late night bowling at South Point in Vegas when we were staying there. I didn't bring anything so house balls it was..... bowled like a 207 first game and then a 248.... Third game was just rockin it and the dudes in the next lane were betting on me getting strikes...... picking up the 5-7 split in the 9th frame...... It was fucking awesome!!! And ya, I picked up the 5-7 and then struck out.. We drank well with those dudes that night.

  14. You don't need pointers, you need accolades! Smooooooth brother!

  15. I have not read the comments but first thing I see is your feet. You have to have a solid starting point. left/right it doesn't matter.... You get up there look down and then move your feet a couple boards. Solid starting foundation is critical. Then you know which way to move if things go sideways! I'll start there, I'm sure its been pointed out and then some.

  16. Mad props Bro!! Been bowling for 53 years and my only attempts at 300 has been in the last 5 years. Three 299's! I wish I was 20 when all this killer bowling technology became a thing... It's a little tougher at 60!!!

  17. Three weeks ago when my tendons decided they didn't want to play anymore on my slide foot. Went down hard and I'm out for a while.

  18. It feels like to me, that the challenges have become more challenging in the last few weeks. Good!

  19. I think I would freak if I saw more than 4 cars on the map at one time.

  20. Seriously top 10 last two plays ever.. perfection!!

  21. USC defense gave up 45 and also played much better. Doesn't sound right but it is. Props to UCLA for playing your hearts out.

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