Paris in the 1920s

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  1. Looks like the aerodynamics teams was out of office when this was designed.

  2. uhhh...that's precariously close to that siding.

  3. Touch a blazing hot dumpster to protect a building or burn the shut out of my hands…and face?

  4. We are not primitive. We can use tools.

  5. We would suspect the intent is to give Disney control as long as they are there. That idea then means the first part isn't necessary. So i guess the question- why is the first part even there?

  6. McDonald's serves different food in different countries. It can be fun to try that too.

  7. McDonald's is Germany is amazing. Way more options than in Canada

  8. Jamie’s clothing is like Modern Art to me. I don’t understand it, but I still really dig it.

  9. Is this a Ted quote‽ cause i can completely hear his voice saying this.

  10. FACTS! Did you see the new updated recipe - 1tsp of each (baking power, salt, corn starch) per pound of wings?

  11. Funny, in live settings they are so loud, i can't hear the table. Would be could cool if I could plug in to the machine.

  12. While you didn't really link to an authority source - you have echoed a lot of blogs.

  13. When the world get skewed so far to the right, even the center is to your left.

  14. If it is pay to play, you probably have more leverage than you think. But it is also up to the rules of the program and the dm.

  15. Since you're the same levels, I bet the DM would work with you then to create a more enjoyable character for you to play.

  16. You should check the ads on your favorite sites. I bet they have some hot singles in your neighborhood.

  17. Because all the historical evidence and basic common sense point to well regulated meaning a different thing than what it means today.

  18. I'm not. I'm merely quoting the text provided and noting it.

  19. That begs an interesting question: are we better off not wasting the time and energy searching now and just waiting for future machines and algorithms that are inevitably faster and more efficient? I feel like this actually has an empirical answer.

  20. It's a fair question, but ultimately the answer is no. Because you don't know what you don't know. And to learn what you don't know you have to do. So you start to do, and find out questions you didn't even know to ask. Through and during that exploration additional "science" is discovered enabling faster and broader discovery.

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/p0b77c/navy_fighter_jet_photographed_while_breaking_the/

  22. No worries. Just putting the link for more details about the photo.

  23. Very interesting thank you!

  24. If you REALLY want to blow your hair back, start researching and learning about crystal radio receivers. You can pick up AM signals without power (if the tower is close enough).

  25. It'd be cool of people dressed up to go out these days. Today it seems like there's no sense of decorum.

  26. Are you allowed to share your dissertation freely?

  27. It's a laptop camera cover. You open it to use your camera and close it when not in use. The "paper" is adhesive.

  28. They are literally pulling the brakes. What happens when you pull a toggle, it lowers the rear part of the canopy. If you pull the left one, in the air, it causes the left side to slow down, and that makes you turn.

  29. OK, so where did the 2D blueprint come from?

  30. I don't know, but what if it is just us realizing ourselves through mathematics.

  31. Uh, we use math to determine all the theories about the origin of the universe. The whole point is to explain why the universe exists, how it does what it does, etc...

  32. Have you ever read Asimov's The Last Question?

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