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  1. Instead of asking "Can it be done?" we should ask, "WTF, why?"

  2. John Varley's short stories and novels, both 8 worlds and otherwise, contain various queer characters and societies with vastly different ideas about gender than our own

  3. James Tiptree jr, the pen name Raccoona Sheldon, wrote a number of stories that include queer character and whole queer worlds.

  4. At three it's pretty unlikely for a dog to break potty training unless ill. Is there a reason not to let him just sleep on the bed with you?

  5. This is why they should sell strong gamma ray emitters at Home Depot

  6. IMHO the greatest line in all of scfi will always be, “In five years, the penis will be obsolete,” said the salesman.

  7. You can still say the same for war these days. A decade ago i imagined call of duty style firefights where the bravery of an individual mattered.

  8. I hate to say it but that's not so much a change in the nature of war but instead of your increase in maturity

  9. Watched it with my father when it aired. I remember we watched it on the small bedroom tv because my mom didn't want to see it and they felt my brother and sister were too young.

  10. 54 female no kids. Not so much a decision as just how life worked out. Plenty of people I know have had kids so I think the human race will go on

  11. This is the first ride that made me sick just looking at it

  12. As great as Avery Brooks is, I'd love to pop over to an alternate universe to see Capaldi as Sisko for In the Pale Moonlight. I can just hear that final monologue in his voice.

  13. This is the future. There's nothing stopping you from deepfaking Capaldi into that scene...

  14. Barack Obama. He's a huge trek fan, when he met Leonard Nimoy he greeted him with the Vulcan salute. It would be so fun and a great way to honor him for his service to the nation.

  15. I imagine Obama as a non-binary retired Vulcan basketball player as one of several special guest aliens on a good will tour around the federation promoting diversity...

  16. The science equivalent of a drunk man looking for his lost keys underneath a street lamp

  17. Are there really people who don't have those things on hand?

  18. I think you’re supposed to be wearing an Energy Dome. Or being Grace Jones.

  19. the silver rush apparently also played an important role in our growth, i heard most of the actual wealth from the gold rush went to banks and established companies that were not based here.

  20. I drove from Princeton to Albuquerque in one caffeine fueled stretch in 1995

  21. These people who support the Republican party will find out at the last minute that they weren't immune. Its like that moral - I didn't speak up for X because I'm not X, I didn't speak up for Y since I'm not Y. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me.

  22. "I never thought leopards would eat MY face", sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party

  23. Only time travelers will have needed to apply

  24. It's a surprisingly good film given how cheesy it is

  25. Now I have stand by your man in a strong russian accent stuck in my head

  26. All very interesting points, I’d love to hear more about Trek fandom in the 80’s

  27. Google has archives of rec.arts.startrek. The group predates TNG. Unsure offhand when it was newgrouped I only started reading it in '84

  28. Things happen for a reason. Most of them best expressed with calculus

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