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  1. i saw another individual comment that it would take two hours to get out of downtown? as a newbie to lolla, how accurate is that? thanks again!

  2. In my experience that person is exaggerating. When I get to my car, which is parked practically under Grant Park, yeah, it takes about 15-20 minutes to get out, and then another 5 to get into the Loop through the crowds. But once you're three blocks away it's normal Loop traffic and highways are normal for that time of day.

  3. I'm 41 and have been in the gym shoes camp for years, but a good pro tip is to altermate between two pairs of whatever you choose. That helps them stay comfortable, and if there's bad weather and a pair gets trashed you're still good for the next day.

  4. Sone of the best times are in the back. My husband and I danced like maniacs to The Killers in the way back last time they were here (we had a conflict so didn't even bother to try to get close), and when Chance played we got a shitload of food and beer and picnicked in the back.

  5. Yeah, platinum goes in front of the barrier. They added platinum in 2016 or 2017 I believe it was.

  6. That's only true on the short side of the stage. Platinum Pits for the main stages are on the east side of the center security barrier, which are off to the side of the stage (for the crowd). GA has access to be as close to the stage on the west side of the center barrier which is much larger. I should know: I was on center rail across from Platinum Pit for Foo.

  7. Cheeseburger in Paradise fucking sucks and ruins everything it touches.

  8. I love this question! I'm starting with Last Dinosaurs like so many of you on Thursday and ending with Polo and Pan on Sunday. I love French dance music!

  9. For me, the game starts really slow. It's really unforgiving at first, as there are so many ways to take way more damage than you would expect.

  10. My method for the tests of strength feels like a cheat: I freeze it with an arrow and then bash the shit out of it with a huge hammer. It's not fancy, but it works!

  11. I started the game last month when I was isolating with COVID and found a lot of time on my hands. I was SO disappointed at first because I didn't love the game and I knew it was generally beloved and considered a great game. I was about ten hours in at that point.

  12. What are y’all having/had for lunch? It’s pasta leftovers for me🤷‍♀️

  13. I legit dumped leftover sloppy joes on leftover spaghetti and microwaved it, because I don't have time to cook, gotta lurk here all day long.

  14. I hate how much time I’m going to spend at Tito’s on Sunday

  15. And on the last day too, our legs are going to be SCREAMING by the time the sun sets.

  16. Devastated that COIN and Wallows have overlapping sets on opposite ends of the park. Two of my favorite bands 😭

  17. I'm betting one or both of them have an aftershow which would clear the conflict.

  18. I just bought a new Samsung fridge. It's been great so far

  19. We liked ours at first, then the fridge started making a glacier of ice right above the freezer so the fridge leaks water and we have to take the drawer out, remove the ice sheet, and wet vac the water out.

  20. Police are lying when they say they “can only get involved when they see someone with a weapon”.

  21. It's all about geography, even within the same neighborhood.

  22. I had the same experience in 2015 earlier in the day. Django Django played the mainstage and the Metallica fans were grumpy, and even occasionally booed! DD had a really good show but the camping fans around me didn't show a lot of respect to the other artists or fans.

  23. I was with a group who didn't want to get close and I wasn't confident enough as a person yet to venture towards the front without them. The plus side was we were near the East bar on the field, so getting beers was easy.

  24. LCD Soundsystem played “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” on the opposite stage to close their set. I saw them play it, then turned around and Daft Punk started their set. Yes.

  25. That's my favorite part of the 2007 story too. I wish we had never let those robots go!

  26. Duke Dumont is going to throw down a party for sure and I’ll see you there!

  27. Definitely check out Zhu to get a similar vibe to Duke Dumont, not as upbeat but Zhu will definitely get you grooving.

  28. John Summit and Black Coffee sound amazing! They're on my must-see list now. Zhu is a little too mellow based on the small sample I heard, but got a "see if there's nothing else on" designation in my list.

  29. I did VIP in 2016 (when I was wildly pregnant). The VIP seating is really far away from the stage and if you're going for only Metallica don't bother with VIP. Get a 1d GA ticket and show up by around 5pm. You can get pretty close to the stage if you show up to that stage as soon as the 4:30 act is ending at 5:30. Swoop in for a close spot--not rail or anything like that--and watch the 6:30 act and stay put for Metallica. I did that last year for Modest Mouse and Foo Fighters and was like 15 people back from.the front, as close as the Platinum Pit. Totally worth it!

  30. Did I catch a 'niner' in there? Were you calling from a walkie talkie?

  31. Semi-related, Inhaler's lead singer is Bono's son. While incredibly impossible, I wouldn't mind if U2 played as well!

  32. Caroline Polachek was a delightful surprise, and Girl in Red will be a blast.

  33. I would totally bring my mother in law if Dolly played! My sweet MIL would elbow a bitch to see Dolly.

  34. Girl in red was at music midtown. Very good!!!

  35. SE are so much fun live! They sound great and the energy in the crowd is so good. Check out their live album!

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