Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Kyrie posting about Alex Jones: "Kyrie Irving would be dismissed as a comical buffoon if it weren’t for his influence over young people who look up to athletes."

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  1. Can anybody pm me how to watch the game? Normal streaming avenues are not working

  2. Bases loaded game 7 World Series need 1 out you got 2 options. 2018 Ryan Madson or 2022 Kimbrel

  3. Legit but pricey. I would wait until a couple days before the game, prices will drop.

  4. You'll almost always overpay if you buy now, but if the comfort of having them is worth it go for it!

  5. How can Trea compete with this?

  6. Why did i have to be “its corn” related, put a bullet through my viable organs please.

  7. Wow. I guess you aren't aware that reddit titles are immutable to even mods? Or is "immutable" too big a word?

  8. Wow. You know you can still get them changed if you ping admins right? I did this literally a week ago.

  9. This is just as likely as any country banning petrochemical products. Sounds sexy to do-gooders, but completely infeasible.

  10. Try going back to when there was very little help on the internet. I promise you that now is better.

  11. I rather not play the Mets. Their roster is made for the playoffs.

  12. Their roster is absolutely not built for the playoffs. Their bullpen is beyond thin and their offensive bench isn't great either.

  13. There isn't much of a "build" in a Q8 other than putting switches and caps on. Love my Q8 and it's great stock, but there's not much of a build there.

  14. Bro, I'm the senior that faked it.

  15. Did this show really get 350m watchtime hours in 28 days? My friend keeps on defending this show just based alone on these numbers for how much it is loved and liked by the whole world. All because he got triggered, when i said it didn't get season 2 and he went off about how it has a dedicated fandom.

  16. I mean I personally liked the show a lot regardless of watch hours and I have read all of the Sandman series.

  17. Nah, I think they're referring to the fact that the political left has formed a habit of accusing people they don't agree with to be a white supremacist or Nazi.

  18. Genuinely would be the greatest of all time if he could stay healthy a single full season

  19. Uhhh degrom is about the scariest thing i can imagine in the post lol

  20. Not a good album imo. That being said, I haven't enjoyed his last couple albums either.

  21. The problem with shaming Kyrie about this is Alex Jones has been right way more than he's been wrong. Dude says sime wild shit but he's right most of the time.

  22. Goes without saying, if you are in leadership in a lot of cases you will travel a lot.

  23. The right wing stopped talking policy a decade ago. They now function entirely on made up culture war bullshit (that's usually used to harass women, POC, or religious minorities)

  24. Tell me you are politically biased without telling me you're politically biased.

  25. Everyone is politically biased. It's a part of being a living human being and a direct result of the life experiences you have.

  26. Agreed but to act like there are literally no policy discussions on either side of the spectrum is straight up blind.

  27. If you think shit like this doesn't happen on the down low I have a bridge to sell you.

  28. I thought all the Americans found her "attractive" and "beautiful"

  29. Voodoo doughnuts is trash man, been there a couple times it's not even good let alone great.

  30. I have a Chinese family in my town that makes killer doughnuts and they're cheap. Fast great service. I think I know where I'm going tomorrow. Hehehe

  31. Facebook showed they are untrustworthy collecting sensitive user data, is this any surprise?

  32. Most of the things that were considered misinformation about covid 19 a year ago have turned out to be completely true.

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