Owner pretends to be drowning to see if his dog would save him

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  1. Is this a common feeling their listeners have? I’m new to the podcast and I actually quite like it. Especially Alaina’s intense research! I really like the multiple parts too and how detailed they are. I was into Crime Junkie for years but the research and little bits and pieces of morbid episodes really make it stand out to me.

  2. I’m a relatively new listener as well, and I felt the exact same way as you! I really enjoyed many of their earlier episodes and multi-parters because of said research, that it wasn’t until I noticed a bit of a change during my listen through.. I don’t know when or why, but as a grew to more recent episodes, I felt like Morbid just wasn’t giving off the same vibes as it once was in its earlier days (if that makes any sense lol) and it just went downhill from there for me, and probably a lot of other listeners. Didn’t seem like that same charm was there as they rose in popularity and I began to notice more and more their infrequent upload schedule (which definitely bothered me when there were times where we wouldn’t get an episode for almost a week with no sort of communication when one was coming and why the long wait). Once I got on subs like this one, I noticed other problems that always bothered me but couldn’t quite put my finger on.

  3. As an adult, I spent years thinking a bad bitch was somebody who was bad at being a bitch 🥲

  4. Ok, but is hilarious and simultaneously wholesome at the same time

  5. You have lost the nose as the axle of the face has a greater slant and that pulls the eyes and lips off, the shading is a bit heavy but all in all a nice piece,

  6. I can see it even more after you pointed it out! Definitely will be working more on getting the nose and the head tilted in unison in the future.. and I agree with you on the shading! My heavy hand definitely doesn’t help 😅 but I’ll work on matching the shading a bit more! Tysm for the feedback!

  7. Just search some YouTube videos on how to make them more accurate. I usually use the grid method if I’m working from a photo reference. Life drawing requires some more advanced techniques that I’m to lazy to type out lol.

  8. Ok gotcha! I’ve don’t the grid method before but sometimes I’m too lazy to set it all up lol.. but I’ll definitely try that again, and will look into some YouTube videos about the whole thing! Tysm!

  9. I understand leaving and unsubscribing from a podcast, but that’s not always the solution to constructive criticism.. yes there’s going to be people that are just hating to hate, but the top post is clearly healthy criticism.

  10. I think a lot of people are tired of it at this point. Like you mentioned, their earlier episodes were much more interesting and their research was better. It’s really hard to make an interesting, 45-60 minute episode on a case that occurred when DNA tracing was basically nonexistent, data tracking was not monitored, and when life was lived so differently. Also, I find these cases hard to listen to because when they happened 100+ years ago, I question the legitimacy, because stories get warped over time, which is just natural. Then, offer nothing but this content over and over again… people are going to get annoyed. It’s perfectly fair criticism. It’s not what most of us signed up for, literally (Patreon) or metaphorically. It’s frustrating that the girls really aren’t acknowledging this at all, because people are complaining on Instagram/FB/Twitter in their comments. It feels like they’re ignoring their listeners. I really hope they change the content back to what it was, or officially rebrand if they’re going to make it all old timey and haunted going forward so that loyal listeners who want other content don’t keep wasting their time.

  11. I really couldn’t have put it better myself! Like you said, there’s just not much to work off of with old cases and I question some of them too for the same reason of if it’s even the real story after all these years. It just gets too boring too quickly and after having them back to back, it just comes across lazy on their end cause there doesn’t seem to be much to research and put together. Glad to know that people on all platforms are pointing this and other issues out about Morbid, hopefully raising more and more awareness. Them ignoring the issue up until this point just comes to show how prideful they can be, and it’s honestly no way to run a business.. hoping it changes soon!

  12. I kind of like the old timey cases. I’ve recently seen a lot of people talking about how true crime podcasts are harmful to the loved ones of the victims. And I know that the victims from 50+ years so still have families but it’s not as fresh. I’d rather listen to older cases than harm grieving families.

  13. This is an amazing point that I haven’t really thought of till now! Every one of those families deserve to mourn and grieve in their own ways and timing.. and I can see how having more recent cases can rehash the events for the still living family, and I can only imagine how that feels.. Thank you for giving me a new perspective on this kind of thing!! :)

  14. A cartoon with this little shroom would look adventurous and epic. You are talented and Daisy looks amazing

  15. Aww thank you!! ❤️ I’ve thought about making a children’s book in the future centered around Daisy, but a cartoon honestly sounds like so much fun as well!

  16. I think it’s “fun” and to many people are overthinking it these days. They are comic book movies.

  17. Definitely agree. These movies are here so we can have a good time and enjoy the interconnection of it all.. and it shouldn’t be anymore than that

  18. Why not? Why can't we have deeper, more sophisticated and emotionally resonant comic book movies?

  19. I’m all for that. I think what I have an issue with tho is when some people take it too far and hate on a lot of comic book movies for not having those emotionally intelligent moments.. like you can have a fun popcorn movie like Antman (which does have emotional moments) and have more serious, and sophisticated movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it’s just all about balance and also having fun while watching.. just some people think every comic book movie has to be serious and emotionally deep when I don’t think everyone should be..

  20. Dang, props to you for doing that on a moving bus! It looks amazing!! :D

  21. I would also like to know how they did this beautiful wizardry..

  22. I'd wear a t-shirt with this print 💕

  23. Oh my gosh, that means so much! 🥺 Ty!! ❤️

  24. You too! Love your art, especially your Ukrainian piece! 💛💙

  25. I tried her subs and my results actually ended up reversing pretty quickly so I dropped her subs immediately 😅 (I was listening to her height loss sub and ended up growing taller) but I’m glad people are getting results from her subs, especially quick ones! Wish you the best on your sub journey!! ❤️

  26. Well put. It’s sends an incredible message of how much destruction Russia has caused, but how resilient the Ukrainian people have been throughout it. Blessings to this girl, her family, and all the Ukrainian people ❤️

  27. For me the loudest message in this pic is the warning it gives to all people:

  28. Beautifully said. The fact that our lives could switch just like that is truly terrifying in its own right, and no one should ever have to go through that.. especially not these innocent people

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