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  1. Speaking as an American, I assumed Tim Horton was famous for something and I shouldn't be surprised it was hockey but I just didn't know.

  2. Now he’s famous for having bad coffee and 70 things on the menu.

  3. Now? He's been famous for this for decades at this point lmao

  4. Not decades. It got really bad in the last 5-10 years.

  5. I think most men I know would feel insecure if their SO said they missed their ex’s big dick lol.

  6. I mean, yes a lot of people are insecure about their bodies. It’s really super common. I would basically never say anything in private or public that made my wife feel bad about her body… because you guessed it… like most humans she is insecure about her body.

  7. There’s no way a comedy where the characters are unlikeable could ever be popular. I can’t think of any examples of that.

  8. People who don’t understand extremely simple concepts irritate me. I’m going to have to block you, sorry. You are pointless.

  9. Have you considered going to a car park and drive around there. Probably much more conductive to cars, considering the name and such.

  10. I need to ride a Stanley vehicle to enter Stanley park?

  11. I see these sorts of posts all the time about writers across all spectrums of writing and time periods. I'll mention a few things then address my thoughts.

  12. Sorry, this is such a late reply. I got here by just googling Merel, rape, Bulgeriad and Reddit. I read these books as a kid but listening again in audiobook form.

  13. It's very rare for a second generation athlete to follow in the footsteps of their parents. There are loads of reasons why, but I think a big one is not having the same hunger due to living such a privileged lifestyle by comparison

  14. It might not be rational but the self belief to make it as a pro athlete might not be super rational either.

  15. People he has harmed would certainly be included in those “upset with his behavior”. Again, I know exactly what a non apology is. This isn’t quite it.

  16. If someone actively harmed me and then apologized to me by lumping me in with the people who are ‘upset at my behavior’ yea I’d consider that a non apology.

  17. I find her incredibly funny and also have had a massive crush on her forever.

  18. This look fills me with nostalgia. This was a thing way back when I was out and about and dating.

  19. Prosecution rates like that are easy of you can hire the NYT and WaPo to write articles supporting you that you submit as evidence... and somehow a federal judge allows.

  20. Yeah, I’m sure there are alot of NYT articles about the thousands of people the FBI have charged.

  21. The FBI didn't, as I said, thats the twitter Narrative that its because of nuclear codes... which changes regularly so any Trump had are likely useless

  22. The Twitter narrative is dumb lol. Nuclear codes wouldn’t be that big a deal. Or at least they wouldn’t be worse than anything else.

  23. I saw this as a 12/13 year old and it scared the bejeesus out of me. Can never find it on streaming services.

  24. I’ve had dog soup in Korea… maybe 15 years ago.

  25. Oh right (: I would like to try it to make an opinion for myself. It’s a thing that is obv culturally foreign, so I am quite interested in trying (:

  26. I’m pretty sure if you took a trip to Korea, you could still find it. It’s an awesome country as well. It’s called bosintang (the dog meat soup).

  27. i can't believe john schneider made the lineup score 4 runs in 25 innings

  28. I don’t know… Montoyo got the blame for that…

  29. You have claimed that, to you, thr "knock on" effect applies, because to inconvenience you is to inconvenience potentially absurd amounts of people. I am saying if that's true for you, its true for everyone. Your position that this wpuld theoretically merit execution is wrong because it assumes these small errors build up and compound. They do not. Things work themselves out.

  30. Ah, the things work themselves out position.

  31. Do you not understand that some things are urgent? We dont know the exact details, but more than likely at least one event of importance was decided here. This is what you get for fucking with dozens of people and their livelyhoods.

  32. I understand that anyone who takes a train to do urgent things bakes delay into their schedule or they are an idiot. I take the train every day. A couple of minutes delay is the minimum delay I expect.

  33. I mean it probably would be seen as a parody because the last 50 years of horror movies are so influenced by the exorcist that people would see it as a parody.

  34. I can’t @ these people acting like a guy with a cult from the 60s is something everyone knows about.

  35. There are a lot of really sheltered people out there who get super offended when they don’t know things that almost everyone else knows lol. It’s ok.

  36. I know alllll about Charles Manson. But I don’t expect everyone else on this planet to. It’s called not being pretentious and it’s so easy lol

  37. I mean, if the definition of general knowledge is something everyone on the planet knows, then there isn’t any such thing as general knowledge.

  38. A nurse with a full package is like $50+/hour, food is probably $10-15 a meal, respiratory therapy probably includes a specialized doctor and high-tech machinery, could be $300/hr+, housekeeping includes you being in one of their rooms, and the sanitizing of that room by most likely a nurse, other unnoticed expenses et cetera.

  39. I doubt it costs 10k per person in the hospital per night to run the hospital before any procedures, drugs, non overnight stays and so on. For example, that would put my local hospital at an income of 1.7 billion dollars just for overnight stays.

  40. The problem was the front office before Montoyo was fired and it’s the front office now.

  41. A society that tolerates violence and oppression is not a society worth living in.

  42. I mean, by the criteria of a society that tolerates violence and oppression not being worth living in…. that’s all of human history.

  43. Because people who watch baseball games have seen the exact same technique or worse go uncalled just about every previous time. The Twins were on the wrong end of a full leg wall-off of hone earlier in the year, and that’s just how it went. Literally the game before, the Blue Jays catcher blocked the plate in an identical fashion and the only difference was that the Twins player didn’t deliberately slide into the contact but instead tried to score (and did).

  44. I mean, if someone breaks a rule that requires contact, and someone avoids it, they don’t call it in any sport.

  45. Dog Soldiers, an underwatched British movie by Neil Marshall, who also did The Descent. If possible get someone else to cue it up for you so that you see none of the marketing material. I used to do this to unsuspecting friends by popping the DVD in.

  46. The newspaper headline at the end always cracked me up.

  47. These aren't characters, they're stereotypes. The show is stupid and shallow, deeply unfunny. It tries to present itself as if it's in the know, yet it's unfathomable that a gay man in his 40s living in Manhattan wouldn't know what Prep is or how to use a dating app. The characters are uniformly unlikeable and unwatchable.

  48. I’m almost 40 and have never used a dating app and I’m in a relationship for less time than him in the show. I’m not sure what’s so crazy about that.

  49. I actually agree with you in spirit here BUT I could easily read that the other way. He was blocking the lane to the bag before the ball got there as well.

  50. Tom Cruise rarely has had great chemistry with a female lead in a movie. That’s not what he’s good at.

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