1. Anus is indeed tart. Only those who have been to Gothic Castle know this.

  2. I'll eat your babies bitch.

  3. I love me Wonderboy. But it's defo not Wonderboy. Heck.. After the two Woodley, Burns, and Belal fight. Personally, I think I was overrating him as a fighter. Not saying he's not elite though.

  4. Just when I was thinking maybe tasering someone constantly might result in death. And might not be the best solution if you are stopping someone for some petty shit, and the person freaks out.

  5. Artem just had Trex arms man. Just a handicap for a dude who swangs & bangs. Not saying he would've been a title contender with a better reach. But I defo think some of those UD losses might have been a W or split decision losses.

  6. Atleast this one doesn't have those generic fake title "Gets beat for being a pedo" "Having sex with his mom", and all that.

  7. Anything asking me to click on a link via text to make a payment. I automatically assume it's scam.

  8. That dude browsing his phone while wearing surgical gloves has the right idea.

  9. It's a NY Post link. So just so you don't have to click it.

  10. As someone who used to smoke cigarettes. Mayve it's the same as cigarettes. You start smoking to get that soothing, calm feeling. And before you know, you get jittery if you can't have a smoke when your itch begins.

  11. Trump could take a massive dump on their face. And they will just end up praising his bowel movements. That's how deep they are into this cult.

  12. How is that gross violation of anything. Also.. This comes out like a satirical tweet. Is this dude serious?

  13. Man.. Whatever happened to LinkedIn. When I was in Uni, it was a site strictly for professional purposes. Now I see influencers, "gurus", Only Fans peddler, and all kind of stupid shit there.

  14. Why do a vast majority of daliogue based anecdotes tend to be so utterly shit, and just outright made up?

  15. Almost like this prick feeds on hatred, and negative limelight. Why else would he keep doing these kind of shit?

  16. Well.. I had low expectations for last weeks card. And look at how that turned out despite the horrible pacing.

  17. He still gonna get knocked out, isn't he?

  18. Santos may not be the same. But he still a bad bad man if you want to swang & bang with him.

  19. I just burst into laughter everytime I see that Johnny Walker knockout. And then later I feel bad about it.

  20. Who knows.. Santos ain't the same. But it ain't like he has lost his punching powe, or has a case of glass chin. It takes one good punch. And changes things quickly.

  21. So everybody on the other side saw the tap very very clearly. Egger didn't protest instantly. Only a while later when she was already in her corner.

  22. How is Islam's takedown defense? Has anyone attempted offensive wrestling against him? Remember that Olivera successfully shot a double leg on chandler

  23. Tsarukarian did it. Was able to lead the dance every now & then and even got Islam to the mat once I think. But wasn't really able to control Islam. And Islam always seemed to come out on top in those close exchanges.

  24. Folks..I think I need an intervention. I am still waking up super early on Sunday to watch the prelims of this fight.

  25. Brunt: Fine, I'll do it myself.

  26. Brunt is gonna make Kemp formally apologise in the dressing during innings break. Gotta keep the tradition alive.

  27. One of those rare ones where I am kind of miffed that someone took a single after a boundary.

  28. It’s good for the division because they think it means their boy Bobby gets the strap back. Which is funny because if Alex gets the belt and gets immediately wrestlefucked by any of the wrestlers Izzy’s already beaten then that just means Izzy becomes 2x champ lol

  29. Lol...How you managed to turn this about Bobby Knuckles is beyond me. But you do you.

  30. Lies of the Jedi. Ah.. Talmbout shit that rhymes B. You a bbbbb... beast of a rap artist?

  31. Lol.. Unless you someone terrorising the shit out of folks. One heck of a bold move to steal from groups while they know where you live in a place like Mexico.

  32. They dunged all over him like Vince Carter.

  33. Ok.. They turned what could've/should've been an awkward moment into a full blown hilarity.

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