1. Why was Tino giving Wolf of Wall Street sales strategy vibes - "I hit all the points!" "I crushed it!" Bruh it's literally a cheese date take it down a notch or 20.

  2. I still think the edit points to Erich, but Gabby’s behavior is weird. I don’t see what she gains from trolling and reminding people about her F2 instead of protecting her F1 (who seems to be frustrated by his edit). I don’t think it’s confirmation of anything, but if she felt like pulling a Kaitlyn and spoiling her season via Snapchat so we could know for sure…

  3. I've been keeping up with the big spoilers but not so much the smaller ones or the fine print speculation so apologies if this has already been discussed but is it possible Gabby knows about the RS reveal that she picked Erich and she (+ Jesse and Rachel) is just trying to add some mystery back?

  4. Cassian u can say is the main as we know him already. Stellan skarsgard character is also built up as well as a lady who’s name I forgot. U can say it’s andors show but there are multiple storylines to were kinda starting and side/other characters weren’t just revolving around cassian if that makes sense

  5. Thanks for your response! I like Cassian but I'm glad to hear other characters will get some spotlight too.

  6. Idk why madi needs to buy followers her lord and savior only had 12 and 11 of them were genuine and real

  7. “You know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas. You do what you do, and I do what I gotta do. And now that we've been face to face, if I'm there and I gotta put you away, I won't like it. But I tell you, if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're gonna turn into a widow, brother, you are going down.”

  8. Which movie is this quote from?

  9. I don't like Madi but she could do better than Trizzy Troutt. He belongs in the all-time goober hall of fame. The fact that he's the son of a billionaire tells me everything I need to know about him. Also the fact that he chews gum with his mouth open.

  10. Really looking forward to this show but there's something that's confusing to me.

  11. The “fight” he refers to in rogue one is the Clone Wars. His family were separatists that opposed the increasing militarization of the republic which is why you see flashbacks in the trailers of the clone troopers. One of the shots has a man running towards them with a weapon and we all think that’s Cassian’s father albeit it’s not officially confirmed yet. Once the Clone Wars are over he obviously still opposes the Republic-turned-Empire but the Rebellion itself isn’t formed until quite close to Rogue One and A New Hope in the timeline (this series takes place five years prior to those excluding the Clone Wars flashbacks) so it does seem like he’ll be recruited to join in the show and will be one of the early members. The Rebellion will become more organized and larger as the show goes on, especially during season 2. He’s in opposition to the Empire but he has no where to place that anger so he’s self-centered and selfish until he joins the Rebellion which is why he’s so pissed at Jyn in Rogue One—he sees his past self in her and recognizes that she has an opportunity to join a greater cause just like he did.

  12. It's weird I have like negative interest in this movie but I can't wait for the press tour. Except for the Harry stans they can sit tf down and shut tf up.

  13. THANK YOU. Omg I couldn't for the life of me figure who she reminded me of. It's been driving me crazy since Clayton's season.

  14. I want her to have picked Jason so based on that I'm almost positive she's with Erich lol.

  15. It would’ve been one thing if they were talking about not seeing the Carmy/Sydney ship and not wanting romance to happen between them at all. But how is a general post starting out directed a Sydney???

  16. This post: no unnecessary romance - so refreshing! Carmy has way too many issues

  17. I’m confused because we all know Carmy needs pro help, why would he instantly start dating in season 2???

  18. I agree. If he has too many issues to date Sydney then he has too many issues to date anyone, so that argument doesn't work.

  19. I still can't believe that Sandra Bullock was married to that nazi and nobody gave a sh*t since she is America's sweetheart. She got out of this completely unscathed.

  20. Beautiful! Thank you for putting this together, I loved Sydney's style in general.

  21. What is it with this dude does he have beer flavored nipples?

  22. My favorite part of Fboy Island this season was when one contestant accidentally told another contestant 'I love you' and they both reacted with embarrassment and horror bc it's fucking WEIRD to act like you can truly fall in love in these scripted, bubble environments. @thebachelor @thebachelorette

  23. And when after the overnights he jokingly said “you said you loved me last night (off camera)” and she’s like “don’t you dare say that, I don’t love you” had me DYING 💀 can you even imagine a bachelor contestant saying that after fantasy suites

  24. Not sure this is actually unpopular, but I was suspicious that Nayte wasn’t as into Michelle as she was into him the second he called her “bro”.

  25. HDU my husband called me bro in our wedding vows and we've been married for 75 years!!!

  26. This season would be super boring if not for the two bachelorette structure.

  27. I bet 100% we see her. It might be a small cameo in the background with Saw somewhere, but there is no doubt we see her.

  28. I think it might look little weird for a 14 year old actress to be playing a 16 year old Jyn opposite a 40 year old Diego Luna playing a 21ish year old Cassian.

  29. I got the chills instantly because it reminded me of 28 Days later soundtrack. I'd love to know the composer

  30. Nicholas Britell. He also does the (incredible) music for Succession.

  31. He's too unknown for us to probably know anything but the dialogue given to women in Yellowstone is awful! I told my husband "I bet they don't have any female writers." And I was right. Beth gets cool dialogue but the other girls suck so bad.

  32. His female characters in Sicario and Hell or High Water are a joke too. This man cannot write women to save his life.

  33. Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. That's very sad to hear, but I'm not at all surprised. And yeah, a lot of celebrated male writers are terrible at writing women, yet that's not considered a weakness in their writing.

  34. Their laser focused hatred of this young woman could have some serious consequences. I hope she is taking care of herself because she’s been immediately thrown in the Fandom Misogyny Deep End.

  35. Wait why do they hate her? I thought Eddie/Chrissy was so popular the Duffers came out and said they shouldn't have killed them off. And wasn't she a fan of the pairing?

  36. For the record both actors have been asked about the possibility of romance in interviews and they're both vehemently against it lol.

  37. He helped you pack and move your shit on your first date?! Girl wife him up.

  38. CR. He's genuinely funny and witty, and able to impart knowledge without coming off pretentious or condescending (unlike some of them...).

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