1. ngl im not excited for voicelines, What makes DBD special for me is how quiet and eerie it becomes when not being chased making you always look around to check whether you're being stalked or somebody's Undetectable. with a ton of voicelines being added it'll take away from that feeling


  3. Those are on average 236 square feet. That’s about a third the size of my current apartment. For a total 78K yen I can live in a closet with a 300K move in fee lmao.

  4. you or the tweet didn't say anything about square feet . just showed you that apartments for that much exist so give up,stop tryna be a smartass Bro💀

  5. Selbst wenn es wirklich nur standart und etwas fettig ist.

  6. isnt That just one Version of the Urban legend ,I've seen others say Bloody mary is Elizabeth Bathory (who used to bathe in actual blood apparently) and other Legends where she is a Girl buried alive and she scratched at the coffin until her nails were bloody.

  7. What does having fire have to do with the common cold?

  8. English is my 4th Language and its the one i care least about😅 so my formatting is that of other languages

  9. Has nothing to do with your formating or grammar.

  10. Why you gotta be such an unpleasant person😅 is your purpose to start fights on the comments section? because i am not engaging but it is troubling

  11. Yes but the scooter is better because you can use it with 2 people

  12. you Can use it with two people but should you? its really dangerous

  13. way too articulate for a 4 year old and what's with the smugness

  14. It's a tweet. People don't write down things exactly as they were said when telling anecdotes like that, they paraphrase. Maybe the child said something less snarky like "you don't know colors", maybe they said exactly what was posted, who cares?

  15. Rage comics definitely didn't start memes.

  16. Remember the demotivational posters?

  17. Ich will mehr wissen. Oh man ich liebe solche Bewertungen

  18. Ich Glaube der Verkäufer nennt ihn einfach "Bruder " und der ,der die Bewertung geschrieben hat versteht es warscheinlich wortwörtlich

  19. You clearly get tons of pussy by malding uncontrollably every time someone says your daddy issues can't be solved by squatting

  20. the only one "malding' here is you,and what kinda word is that,middle ages type vocabulary hahah . i mean you said to disregard any medical advice and that's some anti vaxxer shit💀and its such a wannabe Manly thing

  21. sometimes i don't understand this sub,is anything sexual cringe?

  22. Can someone explain like I’m 5: how is this related to what’s happening with Ukraine/Russia?

  23. so People are saying that Serbia (well known Russia ally to the point of them being made fun of for Bootlicking) is causing a distraction for Nato in the Balkans so they focus on the Balkans and russia has an easy time in Ukraine, when that is the furthest from reality, Serbia has around 13k troops it would be over overnight

  24. I'd wanna see what kinda coke you're buying for 5 Francs, its probably 0,5% coke 99,5% flour

  25. They raised the price to 55 rappen actually!

  26. i been going weight lifting gyms all over europe and australia last 10 years and i never witnessed anything like this. if this is a small, specialised gym MAYBE but there’s no way this happened at regular, commercial gym.

  27. yeah nah commercial gyms aren't like this but the smaller private Gyms are 100% like this if you're a regular

  28. stfu Know your place ,you don't have to Respond like that,your momma clearly didn't woop you enough so drop your addy cuz i will

  29. Who is sending death threats to a train conductor?

  30. im guessing because the train was late and the people are used to punctuality so they got to work late or home late and i imagine Indian trains are packed to full capacity so its not just like 5 mins late but it can take up to 20 mins more

  31. But Indian trains don't strike me as punctual normally

  32. i wouldn't know,i just gave them the benefit of the doubt hahaah

  33. Reddit user try to detect satire challenge [impossible]

  34. like that one tonyzaret meme posted here a few days ago that flew over so many people's heads

  35. Gibt halt so „Imbisse“ die vor allem für die Geldwäsche existieren.

  36. Egal wome politisch staht,links bis rechts, das isch nur non peinlich. Und wette, die wo sech beklagt hend sind sicher weder people of color oder usländer...

  37. zerst han ich wieder anstelle weder glese und grad wtf denkt, aber ja sicher 100% schwiizer wos safe wend spiele. aber ds ding ish Vikinger hend au dreads gha

  38. We do have a welfare system, however, for disabilities, the monthly payments aren't, um my opinião, nearly enough to suport a half decente life on Portugal

  39. i looked it up before but wasnt sure if i saw the right thing,i saw it was around 200 euros for a single person who's young

  40. Also wenn de typ das wörkli gspelt het, denn beni ufe eric garnömm hässig.

  41. ich gseh so persone ,sogar vielliecht genau de typ immer am bahnhof Bade , die hend regelrecht e schicht und wenn sie vorbii ish gönds hei als wär nie öppis gsi. ish mal sehr awkward gsi als ich und so en bettler im gliiche bus hei sind aber er plötzlich nümm zittert het und au kei Krücke bruucht het zum sich stütze

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