BBBY…. Added 1000 shares ! Buying the Dip . Not selling .

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  1. My puts looking really good today. As soon as the generic “just bought 100 more” comments from week old accounts with <50 karma blow up you know it’s only a matter of time before the dump is on.

  2. No way. Been waiting for their concentrates. When I lived in Colorado their live resin and rosin was on point

  3. As soon as the bots and generic spam takes over wsb I know to buy puts on whatever is being pumped. Not gonna be long before the dump is on.

  4. I’m largely the same. Some people just aren’t people persons. Nothing wrong with that.

  5. So many morons in this sub my god. It’s a travesty this man only got 8 years.

  6. You should try society c. Been really impressed with their rosin

  7. Everything I have had by this company has been amazing. One of the better brands out there right now imo

  8. If they Bury a 200 million dollar investment, it will also bite them in the arse.

  9. So by the time he plays football again he will have not played for almost 3 years. This is truly looking like one of the biggest fuckups in Cleveland sports history

  10. So who starts or LeGm takes over? My darkhorse is Cedi lol

  11. Ochai if he lives up to his potential. Or the sexman if we keep him. Definitely not okoro

  12. No. You have to make bubble hash with fresh material and then press that.

  13. Do you think if you set two of those cots next to each other with the pads two people could lay on them with a 2 person sleeping bag and be comfortable?

  14. They sell a larger version for two people. This is the 25 inch the 40 inch takes up the entire back of the car

  15. I wouldn’t go back on after being off for a month. At this point your situation is what it is. Starting now will make stopping more difficult. It’s shitty but you have to push thru. I wouldn’t kindle myself at this point. Consider seeing a doctor and getting something to help like gabapetin or Remeron. But please don’t go back on at the advice of people on this sub.

  16. Society c has been pretty fire. The spritzer cart is tasty af

  17. had some of their watermelonade rosin, was mids.

  18. Yea. All their rosin is pretty mid that I have tried in Michigan. Which is surprising because when I lived in Colorado binske was on par or just a step below shit like 710 labs.

  19. LA is fun if you have money. If your making 50-70k a year gimme Cleveland all day….

  20. No thanks. Why would you want to know your destined for this if there’s nothing they can do to stop it from happening. Sounds terrible. Living the last 10 years of my life knowing that I am destined to lose my sense of self and all my memories sounds dreadful. I’ll just take it as it comes. Ignorance is bliss in this case

  21. I never said that. 20 million would be fine. You can dig thru my comment history I have literally been saying we should give him 15-20 on this sub all year. All I’m saying is that offering him 14m a year coming off an injury isn’t hugely insulting like some people are suggesting. The market determines his value and it’s either this or the QO as of now

  22. Any of those live resin deals worth it? Never heard of beyond or glacier.

  23. Nobody is squishing flowers in the licensed market. It doesn’t make sense commercially to press flower. Too labor intensive plus smaller yields for what amounts to be what most consumers consider an inferior product compared to just making hash rosin or bho.

  24. White and black are fire. Red is the worst and I agree that it looks like a summer league jersey

  25. My gawd those black ones are so dope. Just take my money

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