1. Interesting. I always order the bloody mary mix... no vodka, just the mix. Tomato juice with loads of salt and spices. Super yummy. But doesn't help with the swelling that inevitably happens after a long flight.

  2. I’m in love with anything that contains nectarines. Looks scrumptious

  3. probably a parody of those goofy medication ads where the people are playind around havin a good time then the narrator is like [may cause cancer, nausea, and in some cases, death]

  4. Frustrating. I missed the bruschetta recipe at the end of year 2... now I have to wait another two years, as there is no re-run for it!

  5. I thought that reruns were randomly selected from recipes that you don't know, including bruschetta?

  6. Hmm, I'm doubtful about this, as bruschetta is the only one I don't know, and I haven't seen a rerun for it yet... I'm almost at the end of year 3. If recipes are random, then I think must be selected from all possible options?

  7. I was thinking about the starfruits that are three and four deep but I see now they aren’t on garden pots tysm

  8. Okay so I bought one. It is empty. When does the butterflies come?

  9. I think they come as soon as you place it. Did you put it in an interior? You might try leaving and entering again. Sometimes there are more butterflies than other times...

  10. There aren't really any implied romantic intrests other than Clint's.

  11. Yes, Sam makes a comment about Sebastian really wanting Abigail in the band, and then there is some married dialogue from Sam asking if you think Seb and Abby will ever hook up.

  12. Cute house! I wish the dark flooring matched Leah's room but oh well, it's a great room still :)

  13. You can change Leah's flooring with the customizable empty spouse room mod... FYI :)

  14. Reminds me of a nightmare I had last night... this will surely prompt another, worse one.

  15. Yes, there is a mod that can make it an empty room that you can decorate however you want. It's called Customizable empty spouse room, I think.

  16. I think they're stardrop-shaped decorations... just for aesthetics.

  17. I thought this might be it, so I emptied the coffee from my inventory & have yet to have any appear. I do smoke a lot of the devil's lettuce tho, so honestly this could be me mistake 😅

  18. If your inventory is full when Elliott gifts you the coffee, then you'll lose the gift, as there's no room to add it. He gives me coffee very frequently in addition to the yearly wine bottle. Occasionally he does help out with chores... about as frequently as other spouses, I think.

  19. Start giving her some gifts, yo... Get your hearts up! Low hearts = depressed spouse. It's a thing, and it's annoying. I've never had it last more than one day, though. Bad luck.

  20. Is this different for all spouses? I'm one of those "I'll say hi to everyone on the way out of the house cause it doesn't bother me much" people, and give gifts sometimes. Never seen below 14 hearts, but my hubby (Sebastian) has those "Im contemplating whether to go to work or read comics all day..." Line. Is he depressed, or just an introvert?

  21. I don't know. I married Sebastian once but regretted it and stopped playing on that file. Elliott and Sam have both sulked in bed for just a day on occasion on other saves of mine...

  22. It's several years old, but Biffa's playthrough is entertaining.

  23. The parrot in Leo's tree house will give you hints as to where to find the walnuts you haven't found...

  24. Clos Gemme – a beach farm winery in the French tradition named after the Gem Sea!

  25. It never fails that she blesses my rice crop and not the good stuff...

  26. Always bet on green, and unless you have very bad luck (it happens, but rarely) you will win the first spin or two. Just in case, I usually bet in increments of 400 gold after winning the grange display. That way you can lose twice in a row and not wipe out all of your coins. Usually this works and you can win enough tokens to buy most of the higher ticket items. It's faster than fishing.

  27. Did you put a decal on the wall behind his bed? Then put the bed up against the wall? That's what happened to me, and nothing ever fixed it. If you notice, child bed placement before moving it is always one tile away from the wall. I have stopped moving them back one, since it sometimes interferes with pathing.

  28. IMO, the best enchantments for the galaxy sword are haymaker and vampiric – vampiric being the better of the two.

  29. After you complete the CC, Willy will give you instructions about this. You will need to visit him in his shack.

  30. I usually leave unwanted museum rewards in the rewards inventory.

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