Someone just brought us a kitten that was thrown out of a car window. Meet Seven.

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  1. I’m not gonna front, my father owns the place, but as I’ve grown and moved away from Fairfield I’ve realized how out of the ordinary Chef’s Table is. I grew up there so most of my life it was just another place to eat. I’m in my 30s now and I don’t live in Fairfield anymore so now when I go to visit it’s nice to have a spot like that. Even if the food can be hit or miss, or the parking is absolute shit (sorry dad), there are very few places left where you can go grab a bite or a (good) coffee and just sit around and vibe out.

  2. Frequent lunch stop for me! Always solid. The parking though 😂 from one bad parking lot to another with the move

  3. I have a black kitty named Newman too! My other black kitty is Kramer

  4. Lol saw these by Fairfield U today and couldn't stop laughing

  5. Add to this: one is my account and the other is my sisters. We ordered separately from one another and do not live together. I ordered 3: for my wife, sister and myself. My sister tried for Pit (max allowed 2) and if we got those we’d buy a 3rd at whatever crazy markup and try to sell my 3. Obviously she didn’t get them but her next best were the seats next to mine! Found it interesting

  6. Similar for my friend and I. I requested MSG N1 and she requested MSG N2. We both get tickets. Same section different rows each night!

  7. Omg this is my Trader Joe's too!!!! They didn't have this out when I was there on Sunday!

  8. Lol thought the same thing. Wtf was that weather? It says sunny and 70 all week! Had to spent 75 on a sweatshirt. Wasn't the only one. Hilarious seeing so many people wearing the same thing in the venue.

  9. I too was forced to buy the sweatshirt last night lol! Crazy because Mansfield was like the surface of the sun.

  10. Lol she literally just opened a practice in my town 🙄🙄

  11. ISO 1 pit ticket for Hartford and 2 anywhere inside SPAC N2

  12. Omg this is hysterical. Very well written. I could see the whole thing in my head except I pictured my cats Kramer and Newman instead!

  13. I already have tickets but interested in the parking pass if your willing to separate!

  14. Mansfield- Reserved Hartford- PIT SPAC- Lawn

  15. Very thankful Hartford is back because it's an easy drive, so that's where I'll be going. Might try to do an overnight at Mohegan if they come back this winter as it's a fantastic venue.

  16. Hartford is my home venue too. Last year I did Mansfield because of no Hartford (midweek Mohegan is a PITA for me) so this year its Mansfield/Hartford weekend and SPAC

  17. Hartford is my home venue. I went to Mansfield and SPAC. I only skipped Mohegan because of work and I'm going to MSG. Both Mansfield and SPAC had an awesome energy throughout the crowd.

  18. Looks nice, I bet that set you back a lot since it’s a brand spanking new model plus the shortages

  19. Not that bad considering my dealership needed my 2018 Tiguan for used inventory.

  20. I got a new 2020 se r last October for $31k. Dealership lied to me about the interior color of the one I purchased(they didn’t have it in stock and was still being manufactured). They said the storm grey was the darker interior. Long story short I ended up getting a loaner for like 2 months until the correct one came in 😂😂

  21. I think the 2021 and beyond are USB-C. My husband was looking at an atlas cross sport this summer we noticed was USB-C. He hasn't driven my new Tiguan yet but I'm sure the lack of power will be his only complaint. I can also wireless charge in the new one!

  22. I considered white for mine but it would've been another 2K. Went with black. Not really relevant but still. Black with Black Rims.

  23. Twinning. I'm picking mine up tomorrow!!

  24. My friend and I were driving home from a concert last night and her phone would not stop with the alerts. It was driving us crazy!!!

  25. Emma’s Crush Your Core is My New Comedy Workout

  26. I'm doing this right now too and the water bottle pass is just like a hard no. I have a 32oz hydroflask. It. Is. Not. Happening. I do feel like my core is getting stronger and about to start week 4!

  27. My kitties are named Kramer and Newman. I had to scroll far too long to get to this.

  28. They keep saying, "if enough interest in your neighborhood..." blah blah. Just show up and say "do you want cheaper, faster internet?" and everyone will say yes. Get me away from Comcast....give me the chance!!

  29. When ours was installed the guy laughed when I said how happy I was to dump Optimum. Not the first person he heard that from.

  30. Pretty sure the storefront is on Fairfield ave right on the border of Fairfield and bridgeport but it's in bpt. I live by the discovery museum and tasty yolks truck is always right there at veterans park

  31. Live in Fairfield now but prior was the north end. The one on park Ave is the OG tasty yolk truck. The storefront has some awesome lunch and dinner stuff that the trucks don't!! Worth a drive to black rock.

  32. This is incorrect. The OG truck was parked on fairfield ave outside of source coffeehouse

  33. Do we really get that long with JL being questioned? Or will they cut back to the rest of the crew

  34. I'm guessing the first 10min of the new Med episode at the end.

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