1. Having never had boba in my life, did I hear them right that some people took it with cheese?

  2. Cheese foam - whip some cream cheese into the usual milk foam topping for a slightly salty, savory taste. Pairs surprisingly well with fruit tea imo

  3. The fact the Guard is doubling down on DSG’s MS paint aesthetic is so good. No doubt DSG needs to rebrand but if they do, there has to be homage to their original design, either that’s Jersey/merch motifs or future graphics.

  4. I appreciate the care they put into each individual toast's eyes

  5. Win-win situation tbh. If they win, the team's cracked. If they lose, well it's only the first game of the competition and they're playing against one of the top picks for Ascension, they're working on that upwards trend.

  6. So is challengers ascension or is that something different? I really want to route for DSG since I'm a toast fan and I think the story line would be insane but I'm still confused on how non-franchised teams make it to franchising

  7. Adding to the other commenter, think of Challenger's League as the sub-regional competition (DSG's in the NA Challenger's League; three other leagues exist for the Americas Region), and Ascension as the regional tournament.

  8. im p sure its due to taehyung from bts’ story sadly :/ . dude reposted curl up n die on his ig story

  9. He's one of the major managerial force of the current OTVs success. Leena the former manager of tsm is the manager of OTV I believe.

  10. OTV's manager is Nepheloyd (Amanda). Leena helped them with some partnerships and event management last year, but it might be more of a part-time or contractor/freelance deal? She still has OTV in her twt profile but she isnt mentioned in OTV staff's behind-the-scenes content so idk

  11. 3/5 of Toast's team + their coach worked together last season on Knights, so they have some prior synergy. Not to underestimate how drastically adding Steel as IGL changes things up for them, though, and their duelist being entirely new to the pro scene. According to Toast, the final team had around a month of practice together.

  12. This is the first Ive heard or seen anything about this product and Ive been following OTV & Friends for a few years (including watching Ryan in the mornings).. shame they're closing.

  13. Michael shotguns one in the beginning of the boardmeeting in "A Day in the Life of OfflineTV".

  14. SUPER cool video - thank you so much for sharing your experience with us, Yvonne <3 <3 <3

  15. Also a great way to directly support the creators. Patreon only takes like a 5% cut of each patron membership, as opposed to 30-50% for YouTube and Twitch.

  16. For the same amount of money as a tier 1/2/3 sub on Twitch, Patreon gets me access to hidden content, special merch, and giveaways and gets OTV a bigger cut of what I spent. Not a bad deal at all.

  17. How does Michael not live with them? Like, how is he able to? He makes one YouTube video a year, how can he financially afford to live separate from everyone else?

  18. In the Twitter QnA yesterday, he did say that he wanted Typical Story to be the opener because it's the most interesting song he's written, and I respect that, but if streaming numbers is what he wants, then this completely artistic approach was wrong on all levels.

  19. I don't keep track of stream metrics, but considering that Car Crash has 13M in 9 months (a little under 1.5M per month), does 1M in a day even make sense?

  20. Seeing how he was and comparing to the other fighters, I don't have much confidence tbh. Get hyped or show some energy at least... I don't want to sound like a hater but why'd he sign up? He doesn't give much hope to cheer about when he's up on stage saying he'll get knocked out, even Ludwig was like wtf. Maybe he'll prove people wrong tomorrow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  21. he could've just underestimated how out of his comfort zone boxing would or how well he could juggle training with his shit ton of other fall commitments when he signed up. iirc he also lost training time to a mild concussion and illness. i respect the ambitiousness.

  22. The stream ran so smoothly, from camera work to timekeeping and running the games themselves! Shoutout to everyone working behind the scenes.

  23. I'm finally leaving myday twt, I was able to handle the fights just to get updates from the members but my last straw was probably people uplifting the other then degrading the others by calling them a soulless band :)

  24. I know the sample size is small, but does any idol group come back after enlistment and produce work with the same vibe/image as before? (I dont pay that much attn to idol groups so genuine question). It's like... this "coming of age" moment, marking the transition into a more mature adult image

  25. If the (mansion) hide and seek game was any indication, Sydney's going to super athletic and a force to be reckoned with!

  26. I would hope that Toast's reasonably fit now because he's got chessboxing in <1 wk. Michael's def athletic. Sykkuno used to play a lot of tennis, tho idk how that'll translate to badminton skill. Yvonnie was a badminton main before League entered her life lolol.

  27. Michael most likely not going since he isn't on the list unfortunately.

  28. Oh shoot you right, I apparently can't read. Probs misread Masayoshi or smthn when I glanced over the list -____-

  29. Is she still part of otv? Even Poki has been in a otv YouTube video more recently than her

  30. She went to both NYC and SF with them for Worlds, went to Twitchcon, was in the recent Character Media interview and Champion photoshoot??

  31. Vaguely remember her saying something abt Pottery Barn in her last stream, probs something like

  32. Okay, I have to know, why are so many content creators ex engineers/went to school for engineering?

  33. Interest in gaming -> interest in tech/coding/other STEM -> soul crushing reality of the world -> streaming/CC as a creative outlet that can blend the two

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