Cutting off someone in NY

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  1. They will also gang up to rip larger crabs out of their shells and then kill each other over who gets the shell

  2. It probably felt like the sexiest “in the moment” feeling but will have to live with regret, everytime it gets reuploaded and their/spouse/kids/whoever has to witness their loved being pounded like a tramp in the streets

  3. The video has like, 3 pixels. I doubt anybody will recognize either of them.

  4. ESH. You did everything right in letting people know that you had an offer and that, if they couldn't match it, you were declining theirs. That's called negotiating. Where you messed up, as you noticed, was in letting the recruiting person get under your skin and in dissing their company and offer. Also, referencing social class and who can afford a non-paying internship was over the top and uncalled for. A "thank you for your time; I'm declining your offer," followed by an email would have been more than enough.

  5. I think OP was perfectly justified it mentioning social class. Only students with wealthy backgrounds can afford to work for free. You expect the students to pay for their education, food and lodging with hopes and dreams? And as the OP has mentioned, a lot of the local companies know that the students need internships to graduate and use that fact to prey on students that don’t have any other options. NTA

  6. Anna needs to bring that energy back home and woop the boyfriend’s ass. This poor girl was not the unfaithful one in the relationship!! 🙄 I fucking hate when women do this.

  7. YTA. You kinda suck. “I’ve never been on a vacation with him and I don’t know how he’d behave.” This is LITERALLY the chance to find out, besides your husband would be the one to take care of him and make sure everything goes smoothly. You have to start somewhere, your husband is paying, and he even asked to invite your friend. I don’t know what there is to complain about.

  8. Jeez, and I’d be happy to find someone with, like, only three of those qualities

  9. Wow! Do you feel any different? Aside from recovery that is. I’ve heard some women report vaginal dryness, heavy periods, and some other side effects that mimic menopause. Hearing this has made me put the procedure off for a little while, though I really do want it. Have you experienced any of that?

  10. Please tell me this is some Jonathan Swift shit and not an actual proposition 😭

  11. This isn't a video game, you can kill a family that way. I hope the impatient dude goes to prison for a long time.

  12. Listen, in our defense we KNOW that this is shitty and dangerous to the innocent drivers caught up in this mess but when you drive in a big city you’re bound to encounter assholes on the daily and it’s thrilling to see one of them get knocked down a peg… or 10. I’m not condoning this, I’m not saying the sedan should get away with it, I’m not saying I would DO it, but most of us who are having a jolly good time over here have been fantasizing about this since the day we’ve encountered our first break check by some asshole who thought it’d be funny to ruin someone else’s day. Is it fucked up and totally wrong? Yes. Does it warm my cold, dead heart to see someone get what’s coming to them? Well…

  13. ESH. Y’all made a mountain out of a mole hill. In my family it’s polite to allow the oldest member traveling with you to sit in the front, regardless of gender, but I certainly wouldn’t pick a fight about it.

  14. I asked and she said it looks like a penis but smaller.

  15. ESH. I get where your girlfriend is coming from but a good compromise would have been for your family to bring something when she is hosting and for her not to bring anything when they are hosting. She also could have just brought flowers or wine instead but she really wants to take a hard stance on something so small.

  16. In Europe, they do have traffic lights for right turns. I have also seen them in US few times though it is only in urban areas with heavy traffic.

  17. Do you have traffic lights for left turns? We drive on the right, so we don’t often need traffic lights to turn right

  18. Whoever used the crying emoji on that post perfectly summed up what it’s like to be their kids lmao.

  19. There's a dystopian movie plot here where 'in the future' companies offer - and employees compete for - indentured positions. They don't pay you, but look after your health, housing, food and recreation for free. Why take your chances with a wage?

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