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  1. I never understood how they work. You have the thing, you connect pipes to it, and then what?

  2. build pump, deploy it to surface. attach a pipe to it (you can "stretch" each to adjust it's length).

  3. And the lead won't be the prototypical nerd next door simping on the hot girl. No, it'll be the exotic foreign exchange student, because by 2043 nearly 1/3 of Americans will identify as Hispanic or Asian. He'll be attracted to the ridiculously hot biracial girl next door (whose mom will be played by 46 y.o. still ridiculously hot Zendaya).

  4. Mississippi in the summer was the exception. No water heaters but water still came out at 99 degrees because the ground pipes were blistering hot. Outside was 90 degrees with 90% humidity so you actually ended up sweating more in the showers than on the field. Not to mention everyone's hair was flat and lifeless because the brown minerally water had a pH of 4,842 or something.

  5. There are some excellent Indonesian, Thai & Malaysian corps and they have a strong corps tradition in that part of the world mainly because of British martial band traditions from the 1800/1900's. North Eastern Technical College is a perennial powerhouse, as is Gita Surosowan and "

  6. Fish: hehe, I just paid $400 for a date with a sturgeon full of caviar

  7. I say "Oh loverboyyyy". And if he doesn't answer I say "Come here, loverboy"

  8. I want the sequel to about him spreading his bisexual vampirism to others.

  9. Because of this, it's one of the few parts of the body that can be transplanted from one person to another without the need for life-long use of anti-rejection drugs

  10. The entrance to it is not underwater. I made the same mistake my first play-through.

  11. Politician: Look, we gotta do something to make it seem like we care, so, just come in, answer a few softball questions and pretend you are "fixing" something and are "concerned" about things and "will do our utmost to empower the consumer", okay?

  12. If one does die, their mate will often stay by their side, still protecting them. They do not hunt during that time and will often die of hunger next to their mate.

  13. Lore: You owe Alterra 1 million credits for all the materials you collected, plus 2.999 trillion credits for this opal.

  14. I got this power point presentation on why I need a boyfriend. If I could have 5 minutes of your time, you’ll understand the benefits moving forward with this.

  15. And we appreciated your presentation, you brought up some good points. The Board and I have discussed this at length though, and we feel it is the best interest of the company for you to be a nun.

  16. Gigantic international company with hundreds of thousands of staff, views said staff is disposable tools?

  17. Hilary Swank, the only other known student of Mr Miagi, swoops in to save everyone from the karate madness.

  18. This isn't "seeing the shockwave." You wouldn't see it in real life if you were there. What we're seeing here is the sound vibrating/distorting some part of the camera, like the lens or the sensor.

  19. being a concert kid back in the day, I can tell you for a fact that you WILL regret not wearing hearing protection at loud concerts and in your car as you are blasting your bass.

  20. This looks like fun, but I would never let my child ride without a helmet.

  21. Subnautica 3: you have navigate a Jupiter-like zero-gee gas giant planet using only crafted glider wings and dirigibles. There are giant sky-leviathans, and things only get darker and creepier as you go down into the lower, denser layers of the atmosphere near the planet's diamond core, which requires special equipment.

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