1. Thing is, they're hardly comparable. Shelters kick all the residents out super early every morning, they're not permanent housing. Many people would rather break the law and camp outside than go to a place where you have to check in at 7 and leave at 5 in the morning, your dog isn't allowed, and where the other residents steal what little belongings you're allowed to bring with you.

  2. They do yes. That's worked out really well for how many decades now? This wasn't an issue before.

  3. Make sure the laz code matches the munition and watch your lane

  4. I don't know what the first part means, but I'll be like that Iranian F-4 pilot and take the advice.

  5. Out on patrol doing what? They never respond to calls. They don't stop crimes in progress. They don't investigate crimes. Sounds like they get paid 6 figures to do jackshit. Wish my job was like that.

  6. They respond to calls based on priority. They're all working overtime. The city gives them a ton of paperwork to do with every call (part of the consent decree changes). The response time for a Priority 1 call right now is 12 minutes the last time I checked.

  7. What priority level are assaults given? My partner waited hours for police to show, and they never did. She eventually had to file a report over the phone.

  8. It depends. Is the assault actually happening? Is someone still there? When all of the police are actively deployed at incidents, what do you expect them to do. Leave another victim of the same type of crime and go to you?

  9. It’s not really a thing in commercial fishing at all. If a 1000 pound crab pot falls on you is a tiny plastic helmet going to help? And no matter how many straps you put on your head it will likely blow off

  10. A helmet would protect you from various other injuries like a hook flying around.

  11. It exists for a reason but it's still a terrible system. If you're broke/homeless, bail might as well not exist. If you're rich, bail isn't even an incentive.

  12. Bullshit. Bail is set based partially on your ability to pay it. If you're homeless, you're far more likely to commit crimes, you likely have 0 ties to the community, you're far less likely to have a job and you're far less likely to not show up in court.

  13. So basically you're saying if someone is homeless and they are arrested, they should functionally just stay in prison until their trial concludes unless they can get some charity to pay it for them, while rich people are inherently not criminals and thus deserve to be free between arrest and court?

  14. If someone has been convicted of 20 crimes and they're unlikely to make a court date then the bail given to them should be high if at all.

  15. Tell us you’re not from Seattle without telling us you’re not from Seattle.

  16. It's literally on the side of the street just where you can't possibly say something is downtown. LIke other side of the street, well, it's the very edge of Belltown, so you could kind of technically call it the end of the residential part of downtown but not really.

  17. Will there be a protest? I would like to be there.

  18. It's a rule about Seattle. There's always a protest somewhere. What its about? Who gives a shit.

  19. Goes to religious university and then is stunned it acts in accordance with religion... Wow, big brain stuff.

  20. It's like going to a gay university and then being shocked at guys blowing each other.

  21. I've occasionally thought about taking the poop-covered, sole-less shoes up to the register and feigning outrage that they don't have price tags

  22. By me you mean someone at a LBS. Otherwise, I'll take your advice and get it swapped out tomorrow.

  23. There wasn't anything put forward as the Democrats moved forward with what many of them advocated for before the guy had even taken office.

  24. You can't talk about gun control in this country because there's a mass shooting every week and republicans will always say, "It's too soon" And then the next one happens 48 hours later. I hate how desensitized we are to this and I can't help but to think it's part of the republican plan.

  25. You can. There was a big movement towards it, House/Senate Republicans weren't against it and Trump was on board. Then Democrats decided they wanted to impeach instead.

  26. unless you have a guarded gate that's impossible to enforce

  27. Not really. In general, people follow traffic laws. We have nobody enforcing much of anything right now and in general, people follow directions. Making a no left turn or a no left turn except commercial vehicles will net the same result. Both take the same steps to enforce.

  28. A normal city would have patrol officers ready to respond immediately at a high traffic/tourist location like this.

  29. ...and I raise you several UFO's presented to Congress in the last week or so.

  30. Pieces of the military. Do you own the military? Stop trying so hard to twist my words. Yeah... We can buy weapons. Congrats I guess? But like I was saying... I didn't come up with what leads to fascism. Historical experts did that.

  31. Weird how it's so fascist yet you're able to say that here and nobody is coming to your house to talk about it. It's almost like you're talking out of your ***

  32. Lol omg. We can't go out and buy pieces of the military though can we? That's a terrible analogy.


  34. Hmm, that's not a bad score. You can always try opening another card, getting a secured loan to increase types of credit, etc.

  35. Sorry, it was in the low 700s, but then dropped to high 500s after my bank closed my card.

  36. Oh, that's really low. The closing the card was the issue not just one missed payment. There's ways to rebuild it.

  37. They wanted Cuba in the 1960's. Things have improved since then. Russia was more worried about the proximity (and thus lack of warning) given by US missiles in Turkey. That's why the US secretly agreed to remove them shortly after the USSR removed missiles from Cuba.

  38. "Russia does not have the capability to hit mainland US from mainland Russia"

  39. "The 32-year-old is on the King County High Priority Repeat Offender list."

  40. I got kicked out of a bar in Cap Hill when I asked a bartender wearing an ACAB shirt if she believed my father should have died in the South Tower instead of making it out. These people can’t respond to rationality.

  41. Gotta do something while you're walking up the hill to go LARPing on the weekend.

  42. Or just ride on the street like they do now.

  43. Harder to do going up. There is a safe solution already though. Cyclists just choose not to use it.

  44. Which one will prosecute the crackheads

  45. Basically your choice is Ferrell or things exactly as they are now.

  46. vs the guy who claims he will do a bunch of stuff they haven't done in their years as mayor, Federal Way is a dump

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