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  1. I think they are great in real life as long as they are properly maintained and the surrounding area remains walkable and green.

  2. No the A and 3 are to separated from the 2 the only valid run here is 645 for 3

  3. A run does not need to be played consecutively, the numbers showing just need to be able to make the run. So a 1,2,3,4,5,6 is showing with nothing in between.

  4. Well you have to consider if the race of the character is integral to the story or the overall message.

  5. Ahh, the nuance that feels like it should be obvious, but so many just cannot grasp.

  6. I feel like the "Nazis were socialists" argument comes in waves. Like they are always trying to test the waters on it. It never goes away, but the argument gets louder and then softer then repeat.

  7. America in a nutshell. Sooooo many things require our undivided civic mindedness… instead you get a stripe mall that will be desolate in 10 years and a billboard defending a man who has been dead since (had to look it up) Weird Science was on the air.

  8. It also always struck me how "real America" the part of the US where Republicans outnumber everyone but cows outnumber people always seem to have more porn stores/strip clubs per capita than anywhere else.

  9. When it isn't your crib it factors in potential points of your opponent. So the minimum is the worst you could get - the most they could get from those two cards.

  10. Tanking is lame, I’m with Tork that a team should always do their best to win. Maybe you let guys who need surgery get started on that but there’s no reason to take it easy for the guys that are on the field

  11. I am sure you have seen our team play enough to know that we couldn't really tank if we wanted to. It's already a team full of AAA players.

  12. i vividly remember people being concerned about his defense and how he "cant be our cf of the future"

  13. I mean his range is bad and his advanced metrics range from average to bad.

  14. I saw something exactly like this posted in a newspaper like 8 year's ago.

  15. I mean when I was looking for roommates on craigslist 10 years ago I saw a ton of these. They aren't necessarily rare. More often it is preying on gay men though.

  16. are you using the old Hellboy RPG or the new one based on 5e?

  17. The new 5E. I don’t really have any experience outside this system

  18. i dunno, my old 2080 super was crashing while playing Cyberpunk on medium, while my new 3090 TI hasn't crashed at all while playing it on Ultra RT.

  19. its funny, CityNerd did his unscientific study of how many trucks actually had anything in their bed. Since then I have moved to a very rural place in the US where everyone has a truck and I would like to add, even here the majority of the truck beds are empty.

  20. If I were to tell you all in March that Javy Baez would lead the team in WAR how would you have felt? Because he is.

  21. In March? If you told me the AS shortstop we just signed for 20 million a year was leading the team in WAR it would be expected

  22. my point was more how would you feel about the team knowing the 20 million a year player was leading the team in WAR as expected. Would you expect the team to be better than it actually is?

  23. Some long description of what the shadows look like....that is what I want my flair to be.

  24. This is exactly why I won't spend more than 20$ on sunglasses

  25. I have terrible vision so if I want to see with sunglasses they need to be all of my sunglasses are expensive.

  26. If .224 is Riley slumping then I'm pretty satisfied with him moving forward. Last month and a half has been promising for our young bats. Problem is that currently they are all we really have in the terms of young bats. There are others like Pacheco, Dingler, etc. But I'd be surprised if we saw them next year barring injuries. Excited to see what the new regime can do to add some bats worth being excited for to the system.

  27. <.600 OPS is pretty terrible. He is under .300 in both OBP and SLG.

  28. I have had kidney stones three times. What I learned from looking up the causes is:

  29. never really got a straight answer from any of the docs. The last time I had them I actually did not have insurance, so I didn't even go into the hospital....that was fun.

  30. I feel like he could get in just based on longevity. Kinda like Vince Carter.

  31. Vince Carter would have made the hall of fame if he had retired 10 years earlier than he did.

  32. Absolutely true. And he should be. Basketball HOF let’s everyone in.

  33. Basketball's HOF takes into account all of basketball, not just NBA. So if you were a college stud and shit pro you will get in.

  34. I don't know why I just realized this, but the anti-porn stance came from him and not the owner. I had assumed it was the owner.

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