1. Just wanted to add that the help a friend achievement is 100% missable.

  2. head south to St Williams, Long Point Bay. Been there and was very happy.

  3. No problem. I can't really recommend any because I have never stayed in a bungalow before.

  4. Thanks for your help and putting this list together. I’ll check em out

  5. Unless they find a way to give me back 2+ hours of my life every day, it's a hard pass for me.

  6. I don’t have kids.... what’s your point. That only people who dislike working from home are people with kids? You’re an idiot lol.

  7. NAD but I’m having the same issue a week after 2 fillings at once too! Mine didn’t hurt a day or even a few days after… but like the third or fourth day after I’m having mouth pain like crazy all of a sudden. I keep seeing articles that say pain could last for a week or two after fillings (especially since I had 2 at once on the same side) but if it doesn’t let up soon I may go back.

  8. Hey! Yeah it’s much much better. I didn’t actually get an appointment to follow up with my dentist because he was away... but thankfully it all healed up in its own and I no longer have any pain or soreness at all. It lasted a while though I won’t lie, like 2 weeks of daily pain. I hope you feel better soon.

  9. NAD - That’s good to hear! I’m actually better now too! I didn’t end up calling back either. I made the previous comment on Friday I believe, and by Sunday it wasn’t hurting that bad. Tonight I was actually eating and chewing on that side too!!! Very weird!

  10. The human body is pretty cool! Glad to hear you recovered quickly:)

  11. Wife moved to New York City and almost tripled her salary, so I'm forced to consider it. I left Toronto proper during the pandemic, but the idea of living in NYC is both awesome and awful. More the former because, well, the real problems there won't affect us directly.

  12. I find (as someone who now works for an American company) they pay way better in general. Canada is chintzy with how they pay professionals.

  13. Yeah retractables and and large breeds don’t usually mix. Most experienced pet stores will explain that they don’t carry “large” size retractable leashes because they are not popular, for the very reasons you’ve expressed. I mean I’ve also seen nuts acting small dogs with retractable leashes so I think it’s really on the owner selecting the wrong equipment for their specific dog.

  14. I’m feeling like people need to move on from Covid news already.... it’s becoming trite.

  15. Maple sugar has the same glycemic index as table sugar. It’s hardly “cleaner.” It has trace micronutrients.

  16. ?? I never said sugar is detrimental. Also I’m not comparing real sugar to maple syrup. If you took a minute to actually read instead of being reactionary you’d see I’m comparing it to sugar substitutes which are hardly healthy.

  17. Sugar subs are also not worse than sugar. It’s hard to take people seriously when they say silly things.

  18. Okay seriously, what are you even talking about? I think we’re on completely different pages here..........

  19. Gosh I hope your dog gets better. They shouldn’t even make toys that can do that. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll definitely never buy that brand.

  20. I was gonna say wearing makeup so close to a super fresh healing piercing is also kind of a no no...

  21. Wow I've never heard of that but I guess it must be possible. It's really weird how some people don't seem to have an issue with rejection. I mean I've heard of people having hip piercings for years with no issue and I've always been told they are horrible for rejection.

  22. Could have something to do with the anatomy of a person’s face/eyebrow ridge etc. I guess some people can fit a straight bar no problem, while others are better off with a curved.

  23. I’ve not had a feminine specific username since end of high school days so I don’t have any problems. I’ve stop caring about people knowing that I’m a female or trying to make any point about it and care more about enjoying the games I’m playing and why I’m playing them in the first place (which is purely for me and I have nothing to prove).

  24. In terms of not sleeping on it as much as possible, have you tried a travel pillow? They are such a lifesaver for ear piercings esp cartilage which takes like 12 months to stop being annoying lol

  25. Yeah I got an airplane pillow about 3 weeks ago and before that I was trying to lay on my arm so my ear wasn't on the bed

  26. The struggle! A wrapped toilet works too like in a donut shape :)

  27. Thank you! But it is a long stud. I never changed to a short stud. I don’t know why it’s become such a problem suddenly

  28. Cartilage is a b* that’s why. I’ve had my helix for 16 years and it still gets sore once in a while if I sleep on it wrong. I would definitely get a longer post as mentioned, although that can present other issues too (ie the longer it is the more likely it’ll get snagged on things or just hit in general) and this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think at 6 months you’re safe to switch to a ring (if you’d want one) which I find better for a helix because less is sticking out... it’s less in the way. Def don’t put anything at all on it! Clean it with a sterile saline solution daily, keep it dry. Don’t pick at it, remove the dry skin that’s easy to remove with a qtip and let the rest fall off naturally.

  29. I don’t think that’s awful at all. Especially if you’re eating clean meats ideally from a local butcher. I remember one thing my naturopathic doctor, who is also a specialized nutritionist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, once said to me: the healthiest way to eat is when everything is in moderation. People that are on extreme spectrums (vegan, keto) usually suffer the most.

  30. Honestly pretty terrible advice imo. I'm glad it works for you, but it requires a ton of tact to do either of these things in a way that makes you not an asshole.

  31. No, not wrong. People try to humanize and baby their dogs but technically, only the alpha sleeps higher up. Most of the time people today are not seen as the alpha by their dogs, which explains sleeping on the bed. It seems cute and fun, but I rather have a dog that respects my rules. There’s plenty of fun and love between us but I believe in treating my dog as a dog and not a baby.

  32. You have a hard time because you’re probably not a pretentious person! I always found it funny when anyone passionate and “educated” (although from my experience it’s kind of more like fake educated and trying too hard) about a topic acts uppity. You’d think they be to stoked to share and be happy that others may also appreciate the same things. As if their behaviour attracts anyone lol. If I get treated like that at any kind of establishment I never go back. It’s my choice to give a place business which they should be thankful for, and if they choose to act that way, I choose not to support them, no matter how good their coffee may be. There’s another place with chiller people and just as good coffee elsewhere.

  33. Nope I totally do this too, and I think my dog likes it actually!

  34. I see what you mean here, and for someone in this community this seems like common sense, but I do want to give OP credit for applying specific RPW values to her relationship. Some of these behaviors are not necessarily intuitive, especially if it has not been part of your life before RPW. Role models for feminine behavior are getting fewer and farther between to find. I often feel gratitude for having this place to go to remind me the importance of femininity and the rewards of supporting masculinity in specific ways.

  35. Absolutely! I definitely see what you’re saying. And credit is due for sure - I especially love the STFU one which is something I need to work on. And also just not being in control all the time.

  36. This sounds really nice but IMO all relationships should show interest, praise and respect. It sounds like the way you two are behaving toward one another is just a normal respectful relationship. If you don’t admire and respect the person you are with - and genuinely have an interest in them - then why be with them in the first place.

  37. Adding some lol Luna, Cali....! Argh! My dude’s name is Berkley :)

  38. I would have it checked by a doctor just to be safe. Being warm and pulsating on top of being as red and swollen as it is, are definitely signs of infection. Better to be safe than sorry

  39. Thanks all. I appreciate all the supportive suggestions. I just went by the shop and they confirmed it’s not an infection, but had definitely over-swelled (which isn’t common but it happens) and the jewelry was causing the swelling too. So they advised it would be safe to remove it, and I chose to do so. He said he noticed the difference almost immediately after removing it and having some lymphatic drainage release. It feels better for sure, obv still sore but noticeably better. Just recommended to clean it daily still, but wow, I am glad it’s out of my ear. Hate having to lose such a pretty piercing but it’s not worth it!

  40. I'd avoid doing compresses with this piercing so new that pressure will move the stud around and cause more irritation. Go with litha, just saline spray with something like neilmed twice a day, make sure to shower each day. While the piercing is so new don't run it directly under the shower head the pressure could irritate it. Make sure your also not sleeping on it. Until it settles down don't touch it don't press with a compress just leave it completely alone. If it gets worse or any fluid that isn't clear/light yellow starts coming out go see your doctor. If it swells up more I'd also see your doctor.

  41. Thanks. It’s swollen quite a lot more actually... I have no space in my jewelry at all. I’ve contact the shop to see if I need longer jewelry but at this point I’m just sick of the pain and inflammation and I just want to removed to be honest.

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