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  1. "I don't really work with the males because I used to be one."

  2. “It was the drink that killed him.” “Awe, he was an alcoholic?” “No, he was hit by a Guinness truck.”

  3. Ugh I just bought the book, I have to buy another copy for the new chapter?

  4. I wonder if the library will get the special edition.

  5. I was working for Starbucks, and a customer ordered a “caramel Madagascar.” So I laughed thinking it was a joke, and repeated it back correctly as a “caramel macchiato.” He was not joking, and called me “pretentious” for pronouncing it correctly and to not name drinks “hard to read words.”

  6. To be fair, I think Panera has a vanilla flavored coffee drink with Madagascar in the name. Still hilarious, though. Maybe he goes to Panera most of the time?

  7. See all these great ideas from tarps, airbed repair kits, headlamps, batteries, aluminum foil, garbage bags, soft toilet paper, power booster, etc?

  8. We just finally did this! Got some big Rubbermaid bins and put everything in there, and I printed off a checklist. So much easier than trying to remember everything each time.

  9. Been looking into these as they are over 40% off online right now but never had this particular kind. Are they worth it? I have only had the PowerBeats 2 wireless version for running. Wanted something noise cancelling for traveling, etc.

  10. I can't believe Jonah shot Mel!! He went from hating his family for killing Ben to killing the guy who would've given justice for Ben's death. They never explained why Jonah changed his mind. Was it because their parents finally got all the money free and clear??? He's not a shallow character at all but they literally never explained why.

  11. I think it was just finally hearing his mom accept her truth that she was the reason that Ben died. He just needed to hear her say it and admit she was at fault for once… Then she admitted she was trying to control them and gave them the freedom to choose to stay or go with their grandfather. I think Wendy won back his loyalty after that as he realized she was put in an impossible situation and had Ben killed to protect their whole family from being killed. And admitting she was selfish for asking him to stay when she knew his condition.

  12. OMG I love the way you explain it, I agree this really matches the character's personality. He just wanted to hear her say that she was sorry and that he was free.

  13. Thanks! And similar to how he just wanted to hear Charlotte say she would never have him killed like their mom did to Ben… she said “this was different” and he told Charlotte he just needed her to say she would have never had him killed if she was in her mom’s position… she finally said it and he was happy with it.

  14. Marty. He is just a genuine person and always tries to do the right thing even when he’s in a tough spot. He is fiercely loyal and smart. Jason Bateman played the character brilliantly.

  15. I love Elidel & swear by it. I have never had any issues with burning. I however do not intentionally suntan but work outside in the sun. I wear a hat & sunscreen. Have not had any issue. Also putting it on & experiencing burning & eye watering is normal. Have you tried Eucrisa? I use Eucrisa to prevent flare ups & Elidel to treat. You really shouldn’t put steroids near your eyes.

  16. I haven’t used Eucrisa but I can look into it! Thanks for the reassurance. I was worried about being sensitive to the sun. I’m good about putting on sunscreen and wearing a hat and sunglasses.

  17. There’s protopic which works a bit better than elidel for me, but it has the same sunlight sensitivity. Luckily my eyes are pretty sensitive already so I’m used to wearing sunglasses in general. I’ve never actually gotten burned or anything though

  18. The same thing just happened to me with the same ID. OP, what ended up happening with your situation?

  19. Have you joined any co-ed sports leagues? A lot of times they will add you add you as a free agent and an existing team will pick you up if they are looking for additional people… it’s a great way to meet new people and have fun!

  20. Have you joined any co-ed sports leagues? A lot of times they will add you add you as a free agent and an existing team will pick you up if they are looking for additional people… it’s a great way to meet new people and have fun! Also, I suggest checking out and finding a hobby on there that interests you. Everyone on there is looking to network and make new friends via common interests.

  21. You look amazing! Keep it up, you got this!

  22. Needs to be replaced. Not sure what would cause it to tear like that. Maybe the bumper got caught on something when you were driving.

  23. They think maybe someone hit it with a grocery cart and it got stuck and they pulled it which tore it further. Just a guess, though.

  24. Paying a shop their labor per hour to repair this crack will add up to more than the cost of them purchasing a new bumper. Just because it can be repaired doesn’t always mean it’s cheaper than replacement.

  25. Sorry, I wasn’t sure what you meant by replacing the number. Thank you!

  26. Live your life the way you want to live it. Stop trying to live up to society’s expectations. Do what makes you happy.

  27. Game of Thrones because it was always different and had foreshadowing. Horrible last season, though.

  28. i’ve never done anything to treat yeast infections as i just don’t have the confidence to seek help or the money to get things to help so i just ignore them each time. i’m not disadvantaged or anything i just don’t have a job and don’t have any source of income

  29. Planned parenthood should be able to help if you don’t have the means financially.

  30. I saw an old thread that Reggie’s still did this as of last year per the event below. They haven’t posted the new schedule yet for the bus this year.

  31. Was with my high school sweetheart from 18-25 and let me tell you if someone never admits when they’re wrong please leave. It gets draining constantly apologizing for things just to keep the peace when the other person thinks they can do no wrong.

  32. Agreed. My ex was like this. I would apologize for things he did just to keep the peace because it wasn’t worth the fight for me. It was exhausting.

  33. This wasn’t me, but my friend and I were smoking back in college and I put a movie in the DVD player and I hadn’t pressed play yet… this goes on for a solid twenty minutes while we were eating and the menu prompts were cut off on the bottom of the screen due to the settings needing to be adjusted on the tv… the menu scenes just kept replaying over and over again on the title screen… eventually my friend goes “I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this movie” as she’s chomping away on her food and didn’t even realize it was the same title screen compilation playing over and over the entire time. I laughed so hard.

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