1. Like when you throw up acid it will have some foam in it

  2. it also happens when you vomit and have not ate in several hours

  3. I think it' is mostly about when you have a relationship with someone who is kinda 'ABOVE' you. Emotionaly, financially or whatever. And because the other person is aware of that, then it's just them and the rest doesn't matter because they know they will be fine on their own.

  4. we don't know if it is still being published somewhere. his dad was also a doctor so he just inherited a bunch of this stuff

  5. I always felt A Bigger Paper Bag and Just Dumb Enough To Try never really got the love they deserved

  6. Gotta say I'm in love with the pants, man.

  7. I think these sneakers really kill the outfit and the palette and combo would have worked better with SLP style mid boots like Wyatts or Santiagos.

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