1. Thanks for your Review, at first glance I would say I miss Video Chapters (even though you put them in the description), having them directly in the video is a convenience I can't go without anymore.

  2. Yeah, I know! I miss them too. To be honest, I'm not sure why they don't show up anymore. With past content I did before I had to create a new account I had no issues with it. I'm wondering if it's because I needed 100 subs or something until that feature was unlocked for me. I'll try to do some more digging to find out why they're not showing up. It's really annoying for me as well! Thanks for taking the time to check it out and leave some feedback!

  3. Make sure you turn on the option for auto- chapters under edit. And then try adding a dash between the time and title.

  4. Yeah, they're enabled. I don't think the order matters. I've tried both and had no results in past videos. Actually, I've seen some sites suggest that I need 1000 subs to have access to that...although my last channel definitely did not have that. Was wondering if maybe my old channel had been grandfathered in or something. Thanks for trying to help though!

  5. Hey, everyone! Here's my review for August 2022. Any thoughts, comments, or criticisms are greatly appreciated!

  6. Definitely been hoping to get Chronos cheap sometime. I liked Remnant and after playing through it 3 times some of the lore was starting to rub off on me. So I really did want to see Chronos just for more lore.

  7. Yeah, I second this as well. I feel like I learned some pretty foundational things about Unity through the

  8. Love this game for things like this. I need to reinstall this sometime and run through it again.

  9. Have you tried a VPN? I've moved many times and never had this issue of being locked out of any Google services.

  10. I didn't, but I think at this point it probably wouldn't matter. I've tried so many times to login to the account that it will probably always ask me to verify my identity to prove I am who I say I am and not someone trying a multitude of methods trying to "hack" the account. I've kind of made my peace with it at this point. Luckily, Youtube wasn't that big and I didn't lose anything too important on Google's other services.

  11. It's just a shame. I have one video with 10k views made like 5-6 years ago and I'd hate losing even that.

  12. Yeah, I had a lot of videos on my channel that were hidden that I liked to look at every now and again just using as a sorta time capsule of sorts. But now it's all lost. Anything that is public though I guess I can still view, but you're right, it really is a shame.

  13. It's such a gem of a game. Solid review as well.

  14. Great review. Glad to see the games I was hesitant on were as good as I was hoping.

  15. I do recommend you finish it but I will say that in my opinion one of the endings is written to be the 'correct' ending because it feels more in character and powerful than the other. Which is unfortunate but all endings can be seen in a single play because you can save before you choose any.

  16. Nice! I love it when games do that. I might try to have a go at it some time later this month then!

  17. Maybe you've already said on another post, but what about you? How has your game dev journey been?

  18. Actually you're the first, gamedev has been awful 😭😭😭, I feel like I cannot out my grip over it and everything seems not to be working. When I get an idea, its an amazing feeling then when I start to implement it, I start getting self doubt and 'you can't make it' and the occasional "Why are you even doing it again. Its juts so mixed filled. I hope it gets better. I think why I am having these issues is because I have working alone? Idk or maybe I cant just complete a project

  19. Perhaps. Maybe working with others would help. I think it might be more that when you make things maybe the scope is just too ambitious? Something like a really small project would help give you more focus. That way when you lose motivation because you're working on parts of the game that isn't that exciting you'll be able to push through because you know the end is in sight. Finishing something is a great morale booster and it will give you confidence that you can finish something. It just takes discipline, consistency, and a certain degree of time depending on the size of the project.

  20. Back when it was monthly, I would only subscribe when there were at least a couple games that I wanted in the bundle. Once it switched over to Choice, I haven't paused or cancelled since then. However, it hasn't really been until I started reviewing the bundles that I've seen just how many decent games are actually put into the bundles.

  21. Man I would have gotten this if I didn't already have C&C. You are totally right though, barely touched it after buying it. It was nostalgic but no attack move really makes me realize how far behind it is. I really wish they would give you that option as an update.

  22. Yeah, was very surprised at that. But I guess they just figured nostalgia alone would sell it. And they were probably right.

  23. Yeah, it's just a headset mic. I'm sorry for the quality. I try to clean the audio up the best I can. I really do need a better mic, but I'm just not in the position to buy one at the moment.

  24. Congrats! It definitely looks interesting. I'll add it to my wishlist!

  25. Honestly I think all "fewer games but better" will end up being is dumping the Retrowaves and Shoppe Keeps and Boreal Blades.

  26. Yeah, that's true. I'd say it's probably because Humble advertises curating a collection of good games every month. Fun is obviously subjective but I think when there's such a poor choice where the majority of people will have an issue with it is when people get upset.

  27. Sometimes I'd agree with that. I still have to finish it, but didn't think katana zero would be good till i played it.

  28. Honestly, I think the biggest problem with co-op right now is that even if you find someone to play with you're gonna get disconnected pretty soon after because the connections issues in this game is a joke.

  29. I found it horrible and the fact that there are so many restrictions to where you can go and all that. But honest, right now, all I want is for them to fix their connection issues. It's an absolute shame that a AAA studio like From Software has such horrible connection problems in a game where they touted multiplayer as one of the big features...

  30. Assassin's Creed Origins I actually loved lol. But I do remember the Black Ops month. I remember because I wasn't interested at first but then they added the Zombies standalone mode to the mix and I was like, "Enh, I'll try it." And I was disappointed despite completely expecting to be.

  31. I think a part of it is because you're a how-to channel. Most people trying to look for a particular solution to a problem will find it in one of your videos. But they don't care about the rest of your stuff that you put out. They just wanted an answer to their specific problem. So once they get it they check out and probably never visit your channel again unless you have another video they need to answer a different problem they have.

  32. Damn you are going hard on me with your comments lol.

  33. I don't think anyone is saying that you can't make complex stories in a game. They're saying that you can't make the AAA-quality type of game by yourself especially when you haven't even tried making a game yet.

  34. Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones. I can't say whether or not it's good or not though since I haven't got around to play it.

  35. I think it's something to do if you enjoy doing it. If you don't then you probably shouldn't bother because I don't really think a huge following of people are going to be watching your stuff. I primarily did Let's Plays years ago and barely had interaction with an audience. What I did get, I enjoyed but the process of recording yourself playing the game and providing the commentary has to be the main focus I think. Otherwise you'll just get discouraged and it will become a chore rather than a pleasant hobby.

  36. Yeah, you can' definitely is one QoL feature they should've added.

  37. Honestly, I usually only buy the Humble Choice bundles. Before I started reviewing them, I'd usually redeem most, if not all, of the keys but then proceed to never play them. Part of the reason why I even started reviewing the Choice bundle was to actually play the games I received. Past that, I'm pretty selective with the bundles that I buy and there are several times where there might be a game in a bundle but the rest of the bundle has stuff I already own so I won't bother with buying it unless I know that I'll be trying out the game right away.

  38. Would love to play this with my wife. She's voiced interest but not really sure about spending another $60 just yet when she's not entirely sure she'd be down to get through it. Once it's on sale then I'll probably pick it up for her. So far, for myself, it's been a great experience.

  39. let her try it on your game?

  40. True, not quite the same as playing it together and co-op is really the way she'd want to play the game just because it's kind of intimidating for her. But could be good for a first hands-on impression.

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