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When you follow your heart, love is the answer

  1. Having an orgasm is gay because youre helping a dude nut.

  2. Being conceived is half-gay because half of your genetic foundation came out of a dick.

  3. My flesh liquid. My mind is...just cut loose.

  4. it doesnt really look like hes looking at her ass. Also is Bucky caps kid?

  5. Thank you. It doesn’t look like he has an actual angle to see it, and his eyes aren’t pointed in that direction, anyway.

  6. as a scientist, i just wanted to give you a detailed way it could see, but I do like the mistery

  7. I've done this in madden. One of the versions had a trophy for relocating the team so I did franchise mode with green bay

  8. The game isn’t accurate? Irl they can’t be relocated.

  9. Mason Rudolph does, without a doubt, have the most punchable face in the game. And I'm not saying I understand Myles Garrett's rage in that moment, but I can maybe imagine what he felt in that moment

  10. They could have those characters look into the camera and say "we are canon" and people on this sub would still question it.

  11. I do the same as you. Wait until the whole series is out and then binge watch it all. I’d really like Marvel to make some episodic series where each episode is a standalone story. Maybe based on the 70’s/early 80’s Marvel Team-Up comic books.

  12. So, not like “What If?” where there’s an overarching narrative, but more like an episodic anthology?

  13. Yup. Like the comics use to be back in the 70’s. One issue, one story. By the time you reach the last page everything is resolved

  14. I think I could get on board with that, but I’d probably want at least an hour of story, and maybe even a mini-movie at 75 minutes or so. Half an hour would be far too short, but I could see 60 minutes working, especially if we’re already familiar with the characters.

  15. If you decide to sell them, you’ll make much money, and I’ll need you to DM the link to purchase.


  17. 😂 I’m hoping to focus on homicide cases, if that’s an option. I’m more focused on bringing people justice than putting people behind bars.

  18. I think you should follow your dreams, no matter what people say, but I have to agree with other commenters about the way the law works.

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