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  1. There is a pretty significant bike chop shop operating out of a trailer/rig parked at the top of the 127 bike path in Burlington, on Manhattan at the intersection with St. Louis.

  2. Is this your assumption or have you found your bike there? Because from what I know, from talking to a Community Service Officer, one went out and ran all of the bikes and compared it to inventory. Nothing reported stolen; can’t reclaim stolen property if it’s not reported stolen (and yes, I get reporting it stolen doesn’t mean it’ll get found).

  3. I largely agree with the idea that we shouldn't stigmatize the homeless. Nonetheless, where do the bikes come from?

  4. I don’t know where they come from but I don’t pretend to be knowing. Do you know? My guess is you dont but hey, I’ve been wrong before.

  5. Pray tell what are they doing if not investigating the break-ins and gunfire events? As far as I'm aware there are no leads and no arrests. What are 60 people doing if not investigating the two major criminal issues facing the city?

  6. You missed the part where I said 30 of them aren’t law enforcement? The ones that actually supposed to solve the crimes? All 30 aren’t working at the same time; I would think that would be obvious.

  7. That is completely incorrect. It's 65 officers + 30 support staff.

  8. Youre including the Airport, reserve, and supervisors, all of whom dont work the road. All of whom wouldn’t be solving this type of crime anyway. Again, 65 officers doesn’t mean they all do the same thing or are all available every single shift.

  9. There’s always the City of Burlington website or other government jobs. They always seem to be hiring entry level administrative assistant positions. Of course your job history is important but a good employer is going to be looking for things like length of time at jobs and translatable skills (think friendly customer service, organizational skills, the skill sets that are good for both retail and admin). Good luck!

  10. Mandatory abstinence from drugs and alcohol for residents please.

  11. Every other shelter in Burlington is abstinence based except for the one on Shelburne Rd. Makes zero sense to add more of the same but please online expert, tell us more.

  12. Where you been? That’s already happening all over the City. I’m surprised your referencing it like it’s not happening, given you’re the local know it all.

  13. This is unsurprising given the amount of social service related positions that exist within the state. Issue is the pay in the social service world isn’t enough when compared to the stress that often comes when working in social services but as we all know, this isn’t unique to this field. This is a Vermont problem. (Aside- we might be doing a little better than other states but we’re far from figuring it out).

  14. The officer cap that was set is fine. The real problem is the officers that quit after the cap was put in place because they were butthurt and opposed to any sort of change. Burlington PD is acting like a whiny toddler refusing to do their chores. They can respond to situations like what is happening downtown, they just choose not to as a middle finger to the public for reducing officer count.

  15. You work for the police dept? Or you just believe everything that you read in the media because you’re talking like you have facts and not just your opinion.

  16. Why is this even news? Why does our media suck sooooooo much?! (screams into pillow as not to wake up the household)

  17. This is not a one solution fits all. A summit is nice and all but really…. These are complex people, with complex issues, and frankly, the agencies themselves don’t have what they need to take on the work. Not only are the wages low for people doing the work, there is also fundamental gaps in the housing world and medical world that have impact on people’s mental health. These are larger societal issues playing out in real time. Our overall community wellbeing won’t improve unless complex changes happen within all of the systems that play into human services.

  18. The reality is there is reform going on in the court system, just like in policing. Sarah George is an uber progressive states attorney; her bar for incarceration, of any kind, is extremely high. She doesn’t look at someone like Nassor and say “he needs to go to jail”. She looks at him and says “he needs social services” and then instructs her SA’s to release.

  19. Yah but are those social services and infrastructure in place to meet the demand? Me thinks not.

  20. Sigh…. NEWSFLASH: The leaked document was a DRAFT. Its a completely regular practice for people to provide feedback on a draft, and for edits to be made but please, by all means, let’s continue to make something out of nothing.

  21. Um. Honest question here... Is the more or less crime in BTV?! This seems to be a pretty easy thing to measure and be factual about yet I continue to see completely contradictory claims. I see posts like this, I get emails from my landlord, and hear anecdotes about break ins on the rise all while there are claims about the police fabricating crime numbers to justify their budget.

  22. The reality is two things are true at the same time. Overall incident numbers are down aka we live in a safe community AND burglaries are on the rise. The media, and unfortunately our elected officials AND the ACLU like to act like more than one thing can’t be true at the same time. Behaving like things are black and white, when its a giant mess of grey, is a real disservice to the community.

  23. Maybe events associated with the Walk for Recovery that happened earlier today. I believe the walk was ending at City Hall Park

  24. If you have the ability to travel out of Burlington, you might have some luck. Richmond Family Practice just hired a psychiatrist to their team.

  25. Just some food for thought: could the numbers be down because there’s less officers putting information in the system? Are we to behave like property crimes don’t have victims and don’t have an impact on the community?

  26. i’d argue out of anything that you could have said, saying the ACLU has an “agenda” (whatever the f that means) was the dumbest thing you coulda pulled out of your hat.

  27. Cause they don’t? Lawyers don’t have agendas? I get that you’re saying that because they fight for civil liberties, which is a good thing, that they don’t have an agenda but I’d kindly agree to disagree

  28. I find it interesting that this story comes up every few years. This is not new. Mobile Crisis working with the police out in the community began in the early nineties and Matt Young was definitely doing "community service liaison" work on Church Street for almost as long. RIP Matt, he was there for a lot of people on the streets.

  29. They want him not in a car, where he could take off and cause an accident. I agree though this is poorly communicated.

  30. They did charge him with a hate crime, just not felony aggravated assault. She said he jerked his car towards her twice, but it would be really hard to prove that he was actually trying to hit her and just missed instead of just being a dick trying to scare her. Remember, people, when you call for criminal justice and bail reform and focus on a rehabilitative model, those reforms also apply to the shittiest people out there too.

  31. “Remember, people, when you call for criminal justice and bail reform and focus on a rehabilitative model, those reforms also apply to the shittiest people out there too.”

  32. I’m all for criminal justice reform but that reform is going to create a lot more victims because the system that are supposed to catch these folks, that are supposedly committing crimes based on other underlying complex issues, doesn’t have the means, understanding, or even willingness to help people in a real way. Burlington’s social services do not have the capacity to do the type of work the criminal justice system is asking them to do.

  33. Second this suggestion! I drive from Washington County to go to her. Easily the best dentist I’ve ever had

  34. Sure, but all good ideas are up for exploitation, especially when money is involved and especially in politics.

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