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When laughter meets percussion

  1. Make mangosteen fighting king dice but winning

  2. I feel like she's gonna start singing about how she did a bunch of things for humans and say you're welcome a lot

  3. Brimey the red nosed captain, has two peg legs for his feet, and if you ever saw them he would make you ask for retreat. All of the other pirates used to cry and run with fear, they never let poor brimey, grow out all of his beard. Then on foggy sail at night maria came to say. Brimey with you strength and might, won't you sail the sea tonight. Then all the pirates loved him, as they shouted out and flead, brimey the red nosed captain, you'll go down in history.

  4. Put it on one up and down is always the best

  5. That's why king dice was working for the devil

  6. Mangosteen is the best character in Cuphead.

  7. I have the ability to beat 50children in 14swings

  8. Moonshine mob giving "free barrels" full of moonshine

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