1. Lets translate that. "Our revolution is going to begin with a massive act of theft and of course property owners and all whose interests align with them, the majority, are going to resist. So the revolution must be violent."

  2. We are a TROPICAL species! It makes no sense for us to hibernate.

  3. Britain didn’t genocide Ireland, it was just those silly Irish starving because of their potatoes (and the British exported all of the food from Ireland while refusing to provide any help)

  4. Of course it is not true that no aid was provided. Was it insufficient, yes, but it was provided.

  5. China's population is crumbling. This is due to their old reproductive laws, which made it so people could only have one child. Because of this, majority only had men since they are perceived more valuable in said culture. This caused over 30 million Chinese men to have to become celibate. Likely even more next generation even when they relaxed the laws.

  6. Yes, the one child policy is proof that the stereotype that the Chinese are long term thinkers who are good at math is wrong.

  7. You don't have to think that Xou Bi Den is telling the truth to know that the Reds are wrong.

  8. Yeah that sounds like a healthy revolution.

  9. In fact, it was so obviously unhealth that even the reds under Lenin realized it and tried to avoid it. They failed, but they knew it was a problem and tried to fight it.

  10. Currency is unnecessary and merely serves bourgeois interest. Our economy is made up - what else would it be? The first humans lived without it, meaning that someone must've had the idea. What does that make economics, if not made up?

  11. Economics is the science that studies the production and trade of goods. How is that made up?

  12. British empire? Look like nice lads building roads in India and Africa…. The schools too! Wow they must be really nice and not done anything horrible to the Irish, South Africans, Indians and every race that wasn’t white British huh!

  13. What did the British do to the South Africans? Abolish Slavery? Oppose Apartheid?

  14. This guy seems educated enough to not believe in the seemingly common reactionary myth that Che murdered gays.

  15. Can you elucidate, he seems to be doing a good job with SpaceX. Tesla was subsidized, so I am not so good on that, but paypal was useful.

  16. Opposing US hegemony is literally nazism right now.

  17. No it is invading other countries on made up grounds that is like Nazi behaviour.

  18. Fuck imperialism in general. Why can't we just have peace like the EU?

  19. Ironic, us Americans favorite pastime is fighting each other in the middle of the streets because we like one color over the other

  20. Russia was rapidly industrializing, that is why Germany wanted war, so they could attack before Russia fully industrialized.

  21. Oh yes a Marxist Leninist who wants peace that is believable.

  22. When will people learn that Communism and LGBT don't go well together? it's like trying to connect two magnets on the same poles

  23. When will people realize that the British Empire is the greatest force for human liberation, not until the reds choke on there own bile.

  24. But of course that is not true. Nasty animals like lions have been slowly hunted to extinction of centuries and millennia.

  25. In America the term would be almost entirely redundant, since outside the odd Missal mass parish the BCP (in one of its forms) is pretty universally used as the foundation of regular worship.

  26. True, though I think that using those supplements remains pretty rare.

  27. The problem is that the Dennis Canon is not a proper way to set up a trust. A real trust is set up by the owner of the property, in this case the parish.

  28. I don’t know anything about trusts. Are you saying that parishes who signed the Dennis Canon should be able to leave the Episcopal church and take their property with them? Apparently South Carolina courts decided that signing the Dennis Canon means property stays with the denomination. And it seems it wasn’t mandatory to sign it. Because there were 29 parishes in eastern South Carolina that voted for the whole diocese to leave the Episcopal church. I think all of them affiliated with ACNA. It has taken ten years to go through the courts twice and the final decision is that the 14 who signed the Dennis Canon must return their property to the diocese, the 15 who didn’t sign it may keep their property. There is also a church camp. Some of the properties are close to the beach. It’s being reported that it is 500 million dollars worth of property. I talked to my sister about it and I said I can’t imagine that those properties are worth 33 million dollars each. She told me that they also have endowments. The church she attends is set on maybe 4-6 acres. Its 2 blocks from the beach. But adjoining the south side is a hotel that appears to be transient people and possibly drug deals. A lot of the occupied rooms have their doors open. I’m not sure why, but it looks bad. The building is beautiful. It’s not historic, probably dates back to the 1950s or 60s. It’s a very pretty building with a nice pipe organ. But it’s a money pit, like all built that age. The land was donated and I believe it can only be used as a place of worship. A real estate developer donated land for a handful of churches, probably Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist. I’m not sure about Catholic. Maybe. Anyway, that makes the property less valuable. If not for that restriction, a developer would probably come in and buy the whole block south of the church and put up a couple of high rise rental condos. My sister hasn’t heard anything about a date to vacate. Both the Episcopal bishop and the Anglican bishop are new to the diocese. The Episcopalians don’t seem to be playing hard ball, with no date to vacate announced. I’m wondering if the vestry is negotiating to buy the property. My sister isn’t sure about taking on such a money pit without the endowment, but I think it will be OK if they can get it. I think that they set up a separate account ten years ago when they voted to join the ACNA, and saved any money above operating expenses. So I think they have some money for a down payment. Upkeep will be a challenge until the mortgage is paid off, but I think they can do it. But we don’t know anything after the court decision. The two bishops met, but made no announcements. The Episcopal bishop issued a statement saying that the court decision brought happiness to some, pain to others, but she looks forward to moving forward in reconciliation. That sounds to me like she thinks those parishes will operate as Episcopal parishes and that the Anglicans who have been worshiping in those buildings will stay, plus any Episcopalians who left will come back. I don’t think that will happen, but it is a nice thought.

  29. Parchman farm; oldest Gulag still in operation. Well, the British probably have something older but still...

  30. Unfortunately, we do not have much church discipline. However, this is the relevant rubric that should be used in such cases:

  31. No idea about the others, but my first instinct would be the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate. I’d rather be a “bad” Catholic with my fingers crossed on a few things I disagree on, but are ultimately non-essential, than try to be a “good” Episcopalian if that means completely abandoning any semblance of sacramental coherence.

  32. Hello Bry, what do you think about starting a petition to oppose the change for lay people to sign?

  33. Non-snarky response: The (American) Episcopal Church removed references to the monarchy from the liturgy following the American Revolution and the subsequent reorganization of the Church of England into the Episcopal Church.

  34. We need a new version of this, but it'd never pass because it would destroy one of our two largest political parties.

  35. The party of Jeff Davis and Woodrow Wilson. The Party that openly advocates for racial discrimination in collage admissions.

  36. Germany was never going to beat Russia unless, and it’s a huge if, China and Japan SOMEHOW played nice and tag teamed Russia from the East along with Germany in the west simultaneously, or Germany waited to invade until they got the nukes and rockets equation put together in time.

  37. Or you know, as Stalin said, if they didn't get lean lease.

  38. well actually Germany could have won wwii if only they used General Poopenfartens design for the Laser-Tiger Superpanzerkampfwagen and also the Ratte

  39. The Ratte, that shit is the coolest, but totally impractical. It was taking the idea of a land battleship a little to seriously.

  40. We were taught in elementary school that story is all about Jesus obeying his Mom. In high school we were taught it was about starting to show he was the Messiah with miracles. In seminary (Boston University) we leaned it is about being hospitable. If you’re going to be hospitable, do it right, not cheap. And do it for everyone.

  41. And no one mentioned it was a foreshadowing symbol of his blood shed on the cross? I mean he literally says, "mine hour is not yet come."

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