US police charged over death of Breonna Taylor

This hits me right in the feels

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  1. Lorely also only gives 1x restoration now. Not in the patch notes

  2. Right now slow dodge and nade build is better. They nerfed shatter dive and ice wall too much.

  3. This is bad for obvious reasons but of course where’s the remainder of the video?

  4. Please spread this around. Personal accountability and insurance is another way to stop this. There is very little accountability now because officers often get paid leave during investigations and are let back on the job as tax payers foot the bill for their misconduct.

  5. How does say a deputy in Florida with base pay of 38k-40k annually pay for a premium policy worth up to $2 million? Surgeons with similar policies average 250k-600k depending on specialty.

  6. Must be too young to remember Xbox Live circa 2005. Every lobby was an N bomb no matter your race, we’re all equal online. /s

  7. Coming from the guy who plays seal team 6 in his backyard with thousands of dollars worth of gear that will never be utilized for its intended purpose in his hands.

  8. Sounds more like you’re shy and not confident in yourself which in turn makes you think no one will have sex with you, and therefore deciding not getting let down by not having sex is the better option. Sex is great with the right person, don’t deny your biological urges because of some deteriorated view point based on porn.

  9. You should introduce me to your wife and she’ll stop pestering you.

  10. Then the salaries would have to increase significantly. Doctors can afford malpractice insurance because well they make quite a bit more. Some deputy in Florida making 39k base is not buying insurance where literally anyone can make a claim. Surgeons for example spend almost 100k annually for malpractice insurance.

  11. I’m a cop in New England and I very rarely give tickets, mostly for parents who don’t secure their kids appropriately. The money goes to the states and not the municipalities. Also quotas aren’t a real thing. Not worth it, plus everyone is dealing with their own financial shit.

  12. Number 97 into number 100 with number 38 xyz dragons. Gives you a 9000 one turn attack

  13. However, he was off-duty according to the news story. It’s not clear in the article if he was working private security for the mall, or if it was in some other official capacity. At that point is he legally able to search his bag if he’s off-duty?

  14. I’m a 32 year old dad who plays maybe 6-8 hours a week and I have a 3.7 kda this season with 9000 crucibles kills just shredding kids 💁‍♀️. You either got it or you don’t. However, aside from grinding the beloved I don’t touch pve. Havnt raided since VoG in destiny 1.

  15. Just happens to be the states where most families marry internally

  16. If anything it should be a plus in their eyes. Good oral hygiene and care shows a lot about a person. Also it’s expensive so you be like yea “big roller” here check my Invisalign lol

  17. Pure Despia with imp engine and dpe is currently best deck for MD

  18. I do think it is one of the best option but I still lose to a basic swordsoul board with baronne and the monster negate. 99% of the time they either have ash, maxx c or straight up kaiju my dpe or masquerade 😅

  19. You need to add the Heart of the cards into your deck. Guaranteed win.

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