1. It be like that sometime broh! I just hope no one is shooting back lol.

  2. How about something that demonstrates posession of some grey matter?

  3. It's all fun and games until your taint falls off and your junk slams into your asshole!

  4. Smells better in my moustache! Tastes better in my beard!


  6. By her actions she has shown you who she is, you should be glad you found out early.

  7. Our default is the classic R & B channel on Pandora, but we grew up with that music.

  8. I think we would both derive lots of pleasure!

  9. I so wish we had a viable third party to vote FOR, instead of voting against what would be a horrible choice...I had a huge argument with a friend in '16 who said he couldn't vote for Hillary. He got really upset when I pointed out he did his part to elect trump by voting 3rd party that election.

  10. If you broke it in without lubrication to the top end then you probably scored every cam and lifter. You should have. Lots of oil flow to the top end 2 seconds after starting the motor.

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