1. Then blame it on someone else and make a separate post for it

  2. I’m perfectly capable of looking it up but I don’t wanna so instead I’m upset with you for not posting the link.

  3. Overspeed work with a slight 1-3% downhill grade. 8x 60m with 5-7min between each.

  4. That's an interesting question. Not sure. I know that I was able to run a close equivalent to my PR in the 400m in flats from a standing start (48.7h sec vs 48.2h sec in spikes and blocks), but the 100m is a much different beast.

  5. I like wheels and I think they have more usefulness than just comboing of with narset or notion thief.

  6. That was one reason I was curious. Wheel cards depend more greatly on circumstances rather than being completely streamlined to find the win; but, I feel like it could be considered both card draw and interaction.

  7. Haven't played much cEDH but I lurk enough that I think I can answer this

  8. Build a $50 deck, then scrape every card with sandpaper so it's heavily damaged. Easily cuts your deck's value to $20 ;)

  9. "Is now that time on St. Patrick's Day where we talk about our feelings?"

  10. But... he didn't answer the question. How does TLRY (not weed companies in general) benefit from SAFE in the US?

  11. Congratulations! Just caught my first perfect one yesterday. It's a great feeling.

  12. I'm sure they can find another soulless anthropomorphic piece of shit somewhere.

  13. That's just it. He's a special type of evil. He's very calculated, understands his base, but also knows when to lean into conservative ideology vs just backing a conservative. He separated from Trump and Jan 6 early and publicly. He knew that putting judges in place was more long-term than his own tenure, so he used Trump's popularity when it was beneficial. He was smart.

  14. Why do we have to declare whether we like him or not for an action like this. Anytime he does something good people have to come here and tell us how much they hate Biden but approve of what he did. Obviously it’s the right thing to do, no need to declare how much we love or hate him for doing his job

  15. TBF, a huge number of people said this (or similar) during Trump's presidency. Anytime he'd do something that was beneficial, I remember countless comments that started with "I don't like Trump, but..." and no one batted an eye or told the commenter: "There's no need to declare how much we love or hate him for doing his job."

  16. All things Nevada City! Events, business reviews, local happenings, etc. Whatever involves Nevada City and is interesting!

  17. [[Memory Jar]] + [[Dauthi Voidwalker]]. No further context needed.

  18. No one every specifies what "Thoughts" are being thought or what outcomes are being prayed for. That said...

  19. Contrary to everyone saying burn it, you could keep it. I'm 37, but kept several items from old relationships in a box; a couple pictures, a music mix on a CD, an old letter, a couple small presents, all from different people. It reminds me of those years, which as I've gotten older are harder to piece together. But it also reminds me of "why" those relationships didn't work and how much wiser I've become. Don't just burn your past and pretend it didn't happen. It did happen and it shaped you (big or small), why not keep a small memory?

  20. I do love this clip, though. Watch the switches after he presses autopilot. They all reset.

  21. Who is this? Did you just take a picture of a random person and post it online without his permission (for imaginary internet points)? What's the matter with Billy is most peoples' blatant disregard for privacy and consent.

  22. I mean... you have to film it, attach it, send it. That's a lot of work after you've exploded. Just sending it shows that OP was fine.

  23. off the top of my head, he said they would never reprint the reserved list and then Magic 30 happened. that is just scratching the surface

  24. Overpriced, not tournament legal proxies don't count. Doesn't mean it wasn't a horrible money-grabbing ploy, but it didn't completely go against his promise.

  25. I have a fairly semantical face, I'm muscular but lean, I can grow a beard (that fills in well), I tan very well, and am just starting to get a salt/pepper look as I approach 40 years old. But, I'm 5'9", so 4/10 according to Tinder.

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