1. trust your budtender for sure - there are some at every shop who wanna upsell ya (typically in the daytime) but we all smoke so the average budtender just wants to get you something that you'll like. let's us know what you like to smoke at home (taste, effect wise) and we'll do our best. Growers circle is top tier and for what it's worth, they dropped a banger of a drop recently so something to consider if it's still available. Virtue and GLP are top tier as well. Nature's Chemistry is a local favorite too. DGF, CBX, Remedy, Redwood [all their brands], Matrix are on the bubble to me. go ahead and avoid Flower One [nlvo / old pal] and Kabunky. I probably missed a couple "good" brands but i'm sure your budtender will get you something good. Stay away from "The plug" on the strip and downtown and good luck to you!

  2. Thanks, really appreciate the brands to avoid. In our med program you cant rely on the bud tenders recommendations as much but everywhere’s different

  3. Will be visiting next week and was looking at redwood trees. Can anyone say if they’re good or to stay away?

  4. This new batch of wonka bar has me feeling like a space cadet. Might be one of the smoothest highs I’ve ever had from this program

  5. I didn’t realize there were multiple ones in Ohio. I was referring to Farkas

  6. Rainbow chip I had was garbage smoke ok look good tast like nothing. I'll honestly never purchase bullseye or certified again. I can get way better chronic from the neighborhood even if I'm desperate ill just not smoke for a few days

  7. This new batch of wonka bar I just picked up at verdant might be one of the best products I’ve ever tried in the program. Not sure the last time I had this kind of spaced out head buzz from one bowl

  8. Last winter when they were still verdant they were doing buzzers and you could wait in your car, they did away with it and idk why.

  9. Bc they just let everyone wait in the lobby and inside the main floor. They’re usually quick. There were 30+ people inside there today when I went

  10. I’ve never once experienced that in over two years. There’s a solution to that problem (from the consumer’s standpoint) if you put some thought into it. Best of luck.

  11. Genuinely curious what your solution is. It was a sale day so their reasoning was that they were too busy to add new customers. So I missed out on a sale price plus gas money to drive out there

  12. Time for some deep reflections, my friend. Victim mentality won’t get you far in this life. It may get you far, but you’re going to be a miserable bastard having at it.

  13. Thank you. What’s your go to purchase in our medical program, if you don’t mind me asking

  14. This is my first time trying verano and got it for $28 at herbology. The smell was probably the smelliest bud I’ve had in the program. Has the classic glue smell and taste is on par. The effects are both head and body with a lot of euphoria and for me very strong. The effects lasted well into two hours and I found this to be one of the best purchases I have made in the program as of recent.

  15. I loved the sonny G I bought months ago, haven’t seen it around lately. Never purchased again bc it was always $46+ before taxes for a tenth

  16. Pretty lame. Wish more stores would do an all flower discount day or all concentrate discount days. Verdant by far has the best deals in central. Followed by strawberry fields forever and then CC if you make a drive

  17. CC does 30% off and keeps a wide stock of brands. Some other stores do 30% like harvest but I personally don’t care for their brand selections

  18. I have. I think I've found my absolute favorite thing in the program. Took me almost a year but I finally found something that'll knock me out haha! They are both very potent, similar in strain. I'm very pleased. Think it sold out the same day. If ya get the chance to pick some up I highly recommend, no pun intended lol.

  19. So no sativa effects? Wanted to make sure they’ll knock me out instead of make me feel uplifted

  20. First time I tried these I thought they were great, second time kinda gave me a headache

  21. Unless you want a defective leaky lid, I would stay away from Buckeye. I get shit every time I mention them, but I love Hon concentrates. Never had an issue with a leaky lid or anything with them

  22. When was the last time you’ve bought from them? They’ve fixed that issue

  23. Can’t take the risk, people in here have been posting that they are still getting leaky containers

  24. They’re shady af. Told me they weren’t taking new patients on a sale day and turned me away. I was so mad I was shaking. I had Already placed a confirmed online order. How are we two years into the program and they aren’t competent enough to add new patients on a sale day. I tried many different dispo’s on a busy sale day and never got turned around for first time registry

  25. Don't most concentrates have to be cut/diluted with something to comply with Ohio's 70% THC limit? I think usually it's CBD distillate for cartridges, but I have no idea what they do for rosin like that. What do you prefer they do to comply with the limit? I'm not even sure what their options are.

  26. I came here to say the same. I thought the extracted final product came in above 70 so they had to add something to cut it. But they usually use cbd to get under the limit. Seems like it’s on the state as usual

  27. I had a great bag of sour blue diesel. Probably won’t buy again but it was very solid. Few stems. Pleasantly surprised by the crystals still on the buds and had a very pungent smell. Felt like regular SBD

  28. Google problem child strain and the first result of jinxproof genetics is what you’re looking for

  29. Tangie x 9lb hammer according to that page. The pinene is really strong on this one

  30. I like it it’s a chill creative high, but yeah gelato definitely is gonna be a good night time one

  31. Did you ever try their gelato rso? Doesn’t seem nearly as strong as this GG

  32. Peanut butter breath by farkas has some solid linalool which typically has sedative effects. So should help anxiety but will make you sleepy

  33. After trying both, definitely animal face but I’m not always a fan of the uplifting effects which is strong in robots

  34. I love the slight purples spread throughout. Reminds me of street bud I used to get

  35. I might just stash it until I get the proper gear to consume it.

  36. If you put it on top your flower in a bowl and slowly inhale without letting the flame actually touch the hash, it should give a nice slow burn and melt over the flower

  37. Wish I would’ve known there were no photos or reviews online so had to take one for the team

  38. We appreciate your sacrifice. I was bummed I missed these previously but now I see I didn’t miss much

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