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  1. A campfire is no problem, it's not like fireworks. I can easily contain a campfire and I know how to fully extinguish it when I am done. These rules were put in place to protect us from the mentally deficient brain dead morons. I don't see myself as a mentally deficient brain dead moron so I have no problem completely ignoring everything and being the main character of my life.

  2. This is why I love the ability to remove videos on YouTube from your watched History.

  3. So THAT'S how I can get all those recommendations of videos about deer with CWD off my recommended!

  4. You can love it while still criticizing it. A lot of people fail to understand this. I love living in the US

  5. Hey! If you're comin' around these parts critasticizing reddit, we'll you can just GIT OUT

  6. Reading Walden Pond as a 35 year old just reminded me of certain types of men I dated as a young woman. He’s unbearable

  7. The book Wicked, everyone loved it, the play is fantastic! The book is generally awful. It’s slow, it’s boring, but it’s about the wicked witch of the west so it’s a number one best seller. Don’t get it?

  8. Pasted from another comment I made upthread -

  9. Not as much as the cancer I'm sure

  10. Weep too for the trolley system throughout the US that was choked by Ford so people had to buy his cars to get around. Cities could've looked so, so different

  11. This is how my dad would respond - with a bunch of ominous elipses.

  12. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  13. Thank you, stoncils_, for voting on alphabet_order_bot.

  14. Of course, you never leave someone out of a life changing experience!

  15. Next time go on an adventure and lift all the lids up

  16. I wonder if a giant school of sea snakes occasionally get their tails tangled together and in their panic turn into a writhing ball of swimming venom? 🤔

  17. Have you ever thought about that Demi God's in the Greek mythology are one and the same as the Nephilim. As both are hybrid offspring with human women. I like to think that there may be a possibility of a more ancient single source of origin.

  18. Yeah one that I find likely is that all the many collected 'elder giants' stories we have are mythologized memories of Neanderthals and other hominids. Remember that we were full, storytelling humans who for over 100k years were just one of several hominid species. Our storytelling slates weren't wiped clean when we started building buildings - they had ancestors, who had ancestors, who had ancestors...

  19. Generally yeah. Not, like ridiculously so - there are definitely humans alive today who could bench press your average Neanderthal - but they averaged about a foot taller than us and definitely had more muscle mass. They were also, functionally, a type of human, with families and homes and cultures, so it's not hard to imagine early homo sapiens considering them a type of human and not wildlife like a goat. Their habitats were slowly shrunk and marginalized as humans expanded over those hundreds of thousands of years, and I can imagine the myths surrounding them growing apace.

  20. I'll have you know I inherited this mug from my grandmother when she passed. It was her sanka mug

  21. I wish left handed stuff was more available. Right handed spiral notebooks for school? 0.50c USD. Left handed spirals??? Anywhere from $6-10 USD. Let’s talk about scissors, or can openers, or ledgers with a left sided spine. It’s all ridiculously expensive for no reason.

  22. I wish I could update my title to say 'left handed mug'

  23. So to avoid all that, you just never give the first girl her mom's brooch so that she doesn't leave the house?

  24. I mean the happiest ending for just about any npc in a FROM game is to never have met you

  25. I just assume that literally all of Beserk is referenced in some Soulsbornikring game

  26. Try watching them in reverse. Feels so much better, like food is gaining the upper hand and will win the day

  27. Ultimate happy ending: nothing fucks nothing, and it moves the stars

  28. You can always just cut off your wifi and say you're having internet issues. If you have a mesh network like Google wifi, you can have multiple wifi points and have your work computer connected to one then turn it off from the app.

  29. Gotta switch it up sometimes to keep it spicy, y'know.?

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