1. I just tracked mine and it just said “USPS awaiting package”. Same as over 10 days ago. SMH

  2. It was September 8th, I think. I did a test early in the morning. I had been getting negatives since May and I really wasn’t expecting a different outcome. Jumped in the shower, got out, looked down and I swore it was negative. But then… wait a minute… my boobs hurt… and there was a really, really faint line this time. I thought for sure it was an indent. Couldn’t be true. Around lunch, I just had a nagging feeling. Went to the store and bought a digital test. That thing took forever to process the results and I passed out when it said positive. I thought I’d be able to keep it secret but nope, I called everyone I could get to answer the phone immediately. What a frikkin loud mouth. I am 7 weeks with my first appointment tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. Edit: boobs hurting is literally the only symptom I’ve had.

  3. I am 6 weeks and haven’t been able to schedule my first ultrasound (insurance issues, grrrrr!!!) … been so scared to find out something is like horrifically wrong with the baby I’m growing because I just don’t know anything yet! This post has helped me gain perspective. Thank you :) You hear so many frightening stories, it’s hard to keep the fear at bay, especially when I can only share my pregnancy with other Redditors at the moment.

  4. That early and you're likely to get a bad reading. My early ultrasound was soft markers for genetic issues. I wish I didnt go until 10 weeks because everything was fine on the high risk ultrasound (after I spent hundreds on a Nipt!).

  5. well looks like it’ll be closed to 10 weeks… I live in a rural area with very limited access to medical care. I do have insurance but no one seems to want to see me! I’m fixing to call an OB 2 hrs away. What can ya do!

  6. You are doing amazing! You will thank yourself years from now, even if your brain tries to play tricks on you. Don’t listen!

  7. Come to east Texas like Marshall tx…we’ll take good care of ya

  8. I’m glad you posted this! I checked my bank account several hours ago and Ipsy is a pending charge… but the red exclamation point is on my Ipsy account too. I’m so confused. Maybe it is a glitch. I hope I receive my bag.

  9. In the beginning, especially, did you feel like you were missing a part of yourself? That sounds really silly when I type it out but that’s how I feel. Long story short, I have vaped D8 and alto pods for many years. Got what I can only describe as a chest cold recently. Can’t cough that mucus up STILL and my chest is so tight. I went 3 days nicotine vape free but kept hitting the D8 pen… realized I probably am killing myself rapidly with gas station D8. So for some stupid reason I decided to throw away the D8… that’s not the stupid part….and bought alto pods again. I still feel like shit. So basically, I just need to stop altogether. I will be watching my favorite twitch streamer and feel like I’m missing out on all the fun… except vaping is not fun when you are hacking your lungs up. I should not be having COPD symptoms in my 20’s. :( I feel like I’m lost.

  10. I've read this "missing part of yourself" narrative from you a few times in the past couple days. I'ma be real with you: You gotta toss that idea in the garbage where it belongs. Your lungs are fucked because you've been vaping as much as I have and it's killing us. I'm 35. Smoked normal cigs from 17 to 30 and have been vaping for the past 5 years. I easilllly was sucking down the equivalent to a pack a day in vapes and always had that dumb thing in my hand or mouth. I work with computers, so I can hit it literally all day and night.

  11. Thanks. I did gum for those 3 days… it really was easy. I could’ve/should’ve kept going. Never said I was smart. :) I am similar to you…working around computers all day. It’s boring and maybe that is a partial reason for vaping. It’s funny… I reread what I wrote above and realized damn, that really is wack. I am wack as hell. But I don’t gotta be wack. I stop being wack by throwing the wack ass vape away. Word.

  12. hey man. I’m proud of you and I know what you mean. It is hard for some even years later. But all you have to do is make it one day at a time. The past has nothing to offer you. You’re a nonsmoker! (nonvaper?)

  13. Thanks a lot! I just woke up after a pretty good sleep but I usually hit my vape when i wake up so im trying to just convince myself that i simply dont need it.

  14. I thought I would deal with insomnia on my first night nicotine free. I can say that I slept pretty peacefully, just not for very long. I think we psych ourselves out and worry too much because of the things we read and hear…

  15. Can I ask exactly how you got diagnosed and meds for ADHD? I am worried my doctor will not take me seriously. Or really, any doctor in my area.

  16. This has been easier than I thought despite being a heavy smoker for 9 years and a chain vaper for 5.

  17. That book is great! And I hate self-help type reads! Allen Carr is a certified genius.

  18. Good choice on the book! I am reading it as well. I think the repetition of phrases Allen Carr uses really sticks in the mind. I have not used an app…maybe I should. Good luck! You can do it! All it takes is willpower and you are the one behind the wheel, so to speak. I really do believe that the chemical addiction is easier to overcome than the mental addiction. But it doesn’t have to be hard. Be kind to yourself.

  19. water, deep breaths, gum/candy/seeds/anything for the oral fixation, going for a walk, maybe write in your notes app why you want to quit and open it up and repeat it to yourself every time you get a craving. i know it’s difficult but you got this!! nicotine is poison, you’ll be so much better off without it

  20. thanks! I should’ve added that the reason why I’m quitting is because a friend was having major chest pains. He is 26. Went to the hospital thinking he was having a heart attack. Nope, his muscles separated from his ribs (or something like that) due to him hacking and coughing all day long. Scary stuff.

  21. I think it is normal and will subside. I think nicotine withdrawal can cause depression… maybe that is what you are experiencing. You are still pretty early in your journey… but further along than I am, so I commend your strength. :) You can do it. Have you tried ibuprofen for your headache? Or is that not working?

  22. Something my dad always told me….patience is a virtue. The right one will come around when it is time. Don’t rush it. Be happy with yourself. I have literally been told I’m ugly, to my face, on three separate occasions. But I must not be that fuckin ugly because now I’m married to the greatest friend I’ll ever have. Life is so unpredictable and that thought keeps me going. I hope that is of comfort to you too. We make life so much more complicated than it has to be… just enjoy it.

  23. Quit 2 years ago with Juul and having major anxiety about going back to cigs. Guess ill give the vuse a go first.

  24. I bought a vuse alto today - I have been a Juul fanatic since 2019ish. It’s alright. Better than cigs. The rich tobacco (darker brown package, don’t know if that’s actually the name of the flavor) is very similar to Virginia tobacco IMO. Even though the Juul ban has been temporarily blocked, I see the permanent ban coming, so I made the switch. These alto pods don’t leak. I’m pretty happy with it overall.

  25. Guess is depends on where you live in Texas. My hood is all about the barndominiums

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