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  1. They forgot to dip in chocolate.

  2. I was always told to cast something once a day to remove about half of my stored mana, never all of it. I asked what happens if I didn't, they say it could lead to trances and severe damage not just to myself but also others nearby.

  3. The GOP has the opposite of an uphill battle.... Congress is structured to over represent Republicans

  4. Explain, this sounds crazy and really nonsensical.

  5. I'd be careful about allowing people to take back cards without withdrawing

  6. Yes I don't like that as well, I have not included it or discussed it as a possiblity. You can only get access to the cards by Withdrawing the entire bank which can be done once per game.

  7. Question, What if one tried to bank 11 cards?

  8. I wandered, looking for my mother when I heard on TV:

  9. Cassandra appeared with Nathan and Peter conscious and Stan unconscious. The child looked at her.

  10. I looked at Peter and Cassandra, The three of us went in, Nathan standing his own against the god they foolishly summoned, He threw a bomb, antimatter, I ran only to get hit by shrapnel. As the pieces flew through me I prayed, for anyone to help, anyone at all, I'd accept the cost.

  11. I was throwing rocks, hoping to awaken the fool for a warlord. "Enteni... will... kill... us... Stop... now..." He said. I stopped, he wasn't lying, couldn't his god said so.

  12. At 18 one would go to the elders and let the elements choose them, a rite of passage. I heard darkness is the most rare, but also I was born under the dark star. I walked into the building of the elders, becoming one of the darkness would put a target on my head for forbidden magic, but not going at all puts a bigger target of weakness, the elements refuse to harm a child, but by hiding from the elements you're a fool and a fair target.

  13. While I was running, I received a call from Cassandra.

  14. There was a fire, not much just enough for only today, we had 3 days left before we got home, and one rule above all else. When it was dark, you can not go more than 8 feet into the darkness. Those who did... never returned. The group of us were considering what to do. If we burned all spare clothing we could make it, but that's expensive. We heard melodies and saw wisps of light resembling women, trying to get us to go in to the darkness to never return.

  15. I was walking in the Kenthal forest when a flash of light appeared, before me stood Raymond, Nathan, Stan and Cassandra. I just looked wondering why they all used the same portal.

  16. I walked with my party into the enchanted forest. In there we saw an elf approach us.

  17. I heard knocks on the door and attempted telepathic messages. Cassandra wouldn't stop, guess she regrets letting me have that sword. It was 3 AM and I wasn't in the mood for games, so I got my doomsday armor, the "dark lord's hammer", the brightest lantern I had (I don't got darkvision), 2 guns, at least 20 grenades and kicked down the door.

  18. Out of 6 gods, Cassandra hates me the most, then Morte, Stockholm, Secal, Wyn (if she hasn't been destroyed) then Seil. Cassandra can only see fate, not change it and I abused a lot of loopholes, Like that time I killed Macbeth with a team of people, killed by men not a man. Morte is considered the "father of all" and certainly tries to minimize death. Stockholm, the chaotic, responsible for a lot of problems. Secal the lustful "mother of all" seemingly tired of my immunity to all forms of charm. Wyn amused with the murders maybe annoyed with getting blown up by anti-matter. Then Seil, formed with a hatred of all lies, Seil empowers those who refuse to lie, such a thing is difficult though, not even white lies are allowed.

  19. Just because, I had written response to multiple writing prompts all connected in one story, does anyone else do this, or am I weird?

  20. Welcome to the Prompt! All top-level comments must be a story or poem. Reply here for other comments.

  21. There is a reason the sign said fire and magic don't mix

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