1. So it isn’t only me then. 7 since treatment and have just progressively worsen.

  2. When I ordered today they said that there might be holiday related shipping delays. What holiday? St. Patrick’s Day? I realize there might be holidays the rest of the world celebrates, but it seems like a lame excuse to me…

  3. I laughed out loud haha. They’ve been saying holiday delays since Christmas

  4. Mine usually come quite early as well but this month it was scanned on the 12 and still says awaiting processing with only 2 scans. I did get 10 addons and a points redemption item but I did that in February too and got it before the 20th😭 I hope it didn't get lost, the representative said "she will be tracking it personally" yah right lmao

  5. Deciding where to be aligned? Hard to get a grip on what each alignment entails. Also, are you able to change your alignment in the future if it’s not a good fit? I’m in TDP but I’m not good at programming and anything super technical. Also not the best talker. I was looking at delivery excellence or infrastructure engineering potentially but open to all suggestions!

  6. Aquaphor in the nose morning and night. Haven’t had a bloody nose since I started this

  7. Makeup stays on foreverrrr like 24 hours. And I used to be so oily but not anymore I don’t even need powder

  8. I’ve been on it for a month at 40mg. I drink every weekend I will just skip the pill on Saturday and I have been fine. Also work out a couple times a week and I have felt a little extra sore but nothing unbearable at all. I also noticed that the packaging says nothing about avoiding alcohol

  9. I’ve been on it for about a month. I usually skip my pill on Saturday and drink with my friends and I’ve been fine. I’m not a doctor though

  10. What kind are you using? Burt’s Bees, Aquaphor, and La Neige have been lifesavers. The amount of lip hydration you’re going to go thru is insane; the posts in this thread do NOT exaggerate.

  11. I love La Neige it’s the long lasting in my opinion that I’ve tried so far

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