1. 30 days you should be good unless they do a hair sample, which is pricey, so they normally only do urine.

  2. Wow just Wow! Hopefully you purchased from a Sunnyside and the return process will be super easy

  3. Dead ass! I agree. We do exactly that....I see people in the dispensary all the time and pay attention to their orders while in line....some of the price totals are crazy

  4. I once watched the budtender count out and stack 22 Firelands tenths on the counter in a big pyramid. With that person's 30% off the total was $783😬🙄🤯

  5. One of my favorite night time strains forsure

  6. If you shop at Sunnyside, they have a pretty painless return policy for defective products and we don't have to deal with different growers or stupid gift cards

  7. I feel like we should be given that information before purchase and the ability to decline

  8. Simply hold it in your closed hand for a minute. The rest of ya'll need to chill with these crazy ideas

  9. From what I can tell based on my armchair vape diagnostics and posts on here, it seems to be happening almost exclusively with live resin pods.

  10. It happened last week on my FS Salty Watermelon pod. I hit it like a little tiny baby goat suckling from the teat for the first time. I also had problems with GO SLH LR pod and the Blackjack LR pod. I had zero issues with the Layer Cake LR pod 🤷🏼‍♂️

  11. My super lemon haze live resin luster pod did the same thing

  12. edibles do very little for big time

  13. One of the major issues in our state that deters people away from the medical program is the fact that we have no workplace or housing protection as a medical patient. This is a roadblock for a significant amount of people as they are subjected to drug tests for work and cannot risk their livelihood, or are unable to use it in their apartment/house without risk of breaking the terms of their lease. This needs more attention and the state needs to feel pressure to change this.

  14. 👆🏼This and I have to drive approximately 2 hrs round trip and spend an additional $20 on gas each time I need meds

  15. Crèmes refers to a higher grade of badder produced using our proprietary process. We extract cannabis terpenes and THC-a Diamonds and blend them in a specially built zero oxygen environment creating a creamy, smooth, and extra terpene-rich concentrate.

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