AITA for storming off from my sister's wedding after she deadnamed my son?

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AITA for putting a lock on my sons bedroom door?

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  1. Most (if not all, but not sure) mental illnesses can't be cured, but they become more manageable and your brain gets better at coping. PTSD can easily be retriggered by events that are similar to the previous trauma. My trauma experience was 15 years ago now, 99% of the time I'm absolutely fine, if I hit a trigger I'll be wiped out for at least a week if not longer. Learn to understand your brain, your triggers, and ways to manage those flare ups when they happen.

  2. YTA, exactly how ill does she have to be for you to give a damn? Or is it just because its a period that you don't care?

  3. Its Tia, Blu, and Adam All, so I don't know why Adam All is apparently a queen now 😂

  4. Hi, I know this post is a bit old now, but how do you feel about this company? Did you feel supported? Would you recommend them?

  5. OK so honestly, I've just finished my course. I got accepted into a university with it, so it does the job. I didn't feel supported at all, you get sent a lot of stuff to read and then assignments to complete. They offer tutorials but you need to have specific questions to ask, so if you don't know what bit you don't understand then it doesn't help. Also I worked night shifts with kids during the day, and the only tutorials were within mon-fri 9-5 so I never used them, just taught myself using the Internet and the stuff they gave me to read.

  6. Thanks for the reply. I'll also be supporting a family whilst doing this but working days so probably wouldn't make use of the tutorials either. Was it difficult to get merit / distinction? I don't have many UCAS points going into this and the entry requirements are quite high for my local universities, need all the points I can get

  7. The materials they send you is enough for a pass, you have to do your own research for higher marks. I never got any lower than a merit but I found distinctions hard to get personally, but I know a lot of people who seem to have a ton of distinctions so I guess its down to you as a person

  8. Thank you! If you'd like to watch on Saturday you can do here

  9. Coaching or reffing. You can get involved on the bench on game days if you want to be part of your team, or join team announcer. I currently do all of the above for my team and I love it.

  10. Paramedic science, I got in at a different uni just not my first choice.

  11. My n mum paid for the deposit of my house, with the agreement that I would pay it back when I move. She now tells everyone that I live in her house, despite the fact I've been paying the mortgage on it for the last 8 years, and she let's herself in and criticises how my house looks because she an 'obligation to look after her house'. I have no issue taking as much money as possible, but it'll probably bite you later.

  12. Does this having anything to do with the band 'Taking Back Sunday'? one of their old logos is used on the poster.

  13. Our poster is a play on that poster, since we're basically a team of emos 😂🖤

  14. Nice! Is a Roller Derby different to a Roller Nottingham?

  15. Its more unknown, much smaller and generally is just trying its best.


  17. NTA, bride said dress was ok, whos going to assume that navy blue is a not allowed colour??

  18. Alcohol and drugs, I don't personally understand being out of control as an enjoyable thing

  19. If there was no out of control then it would be completely legal to drive while under the influence, or go to work. You might have good control despite whatever you take, but to suggest that no one gets out of control while high or drunk is dismissive and naive.

  20. YTA. If you're scared to be left alone, communicate that, don't make your girlfriend feel bad for having a social life.

  21. My friends have been talking about started Fall Guys, I thought it looked a bit rubbish but I hope I'm wrong 😂

  22. Its a hobby, its supposed to be fun. Do want you want with your face 🤷‍♀️

  23. Seems like the sort of slogan I should put on a t-shirt ;) xx

  24. I was about to say it's already been done, then I spotted your name and realised thats the point of your comment 😂

  25. NTA, she says your son has no consideration but doesn't see the irony that her kids are not considering at all the needs of your son? Keep doing what you're doing.

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