Sadio Mané, the Senegalese Bayern Munich football player is transforming Bambaly, his native Senegal village: He built an hospital, a school and he is paying 80 euros a month all its citizens. Recently he installed a 4G network and built a postal office.

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  1. That’s disgusting. Very well done.

  2. AoS: Fyreslayers and Seraphon 1-2k points. SCE and Nighthaunt ~500 points.

  3. They have beard clippers in the future.

  4. He left Liverpool because he saw the Bayern contract and thought: “oh shit, now I can build an airport.”

  5. I mean on paper, until you get obliterated by NATO.

  6. Maybe Tiafoe if he stopped clowning around so much

  7. And Hazard, Antony, Lukaku, Grealish, Nunez, Tchouameni. Possibly Gvardiol and Bellingham in the summer, Haaland would go for 100+ if it weren’t for the RC.

  8. These transfers are all a consequence of the above.

  9. Yes, but it’s a snowball effect. Those deals set a new precedent, based on that precedent a new precedent was set and so on.

  10. So how long before we run out of precedents lol

  11. It was Sandro Rosell's plan, but yes, that was their ultimate goal. Obviously, it wasn't confirmed by anyone, but his and later Bartomeu's actions speak for themselves.

  12. People forget how much of a bumblefuck Rossell was because of Barto’s “hold my beer” tenure.

  13. That isn’t even the loophole? Pretty sure it’s something to do with longer contracts so that finances are lower each year than it would be if they were on shorter ones.

  14. That’s not really a loophole, it’s just how amortisation works.

  15. Yes exactly the same. But different.

  16. Aphrodite’s Kiss thing (Tier 2) with a fist+ares attack build/merciful end = chefs kiss (no pun intended)

  17. I was asked by an American if they speak English in England. When I confirmed, they immediately followed up with "what's the main language though?" I cannot fathom how someone can make it to adulthood without even the most basic understanding of themselves, 'their language' and history

  18. At this point I just kick myself in the dick and get on with my day.

  19. I don’t even know where to start with this one. Both her and I are massive dorks and I wouldn’t have it any other way lol

  20. Photomode posts on this sub are as bad as the “hey guys I got ps5!” Posts on the PlayStation sub.

  21. You like you failed at even getting a mughsot

  22. I don't think Di Maria cares, he has scored in 3 of the finals for his country and was MOTM in a UCL final. He will be regarded as a hero at Argentina where he will likely retire

  23. Di María is one of the most underrated players ever. Absolute monster on the big occasions. MVP for us in the final when we won la décima and for me he was crucial in the World Cup final as well for Argentina.

  24. He clearly just hated being with you guys. He’s been very good everywhere else.

  25. Just in: Atleti strongly condemns the Ultra Sur.

  26. Some of the comments are making be trip. The whataboutism is nuts. The ultra sur haven’t had a presence in the Bernabéu in over a decade and were pretty much eradicated completely from the stadium in 2014 and yet here we are in 2023 with a fuxking effigy of Vinicius hanging off a bridge. Fuck me running.

  27. Imagine becoming friends and teammates with the guy who spent several hours a year for 10 years nearly destroying some part of your body on the pitch. Must have been very strange at first.

  28. Given what Ramos has won himself im sure he was less traumatised than you want him to have been and more genuinely excited to play with Messi.

  29. Far too good to let him go. Smells like someone's looking for an extension

  30. Why would Madrid want to sell him? Every time he comes on when the game is tied or Madrid is losing he changes the game, for the better. He needs to get better when he starts games but that will come with time and experience.

  31. Coming here after he’s performance against Atleti tonight in CDR.

  32. You know, I'm really relieved to see this kind of response, given that I've seen a lot of romanticizing of these muppets in recent years, especially online.

  33. Back before they were initially banned I know that a lot of the security guards were also in with ultra sur and thus they were able to bring things into the stadium that were not usually allowed. Florentino flushed all those out are the same time.

  34. In terms of sneaking in to the Bernabéu, I'll be the first to admit that that is mostly hearsay. But given the fact that a lot of security had connections with Ultra Sur, I don't doubt it. There have been pictures of Ultra Sur waving their flag at Copa del Rey away games and Castilla matches over the past few seasons, though.

  35. What exactly are you trying to get at? Seems like you’re trying to pick a bone with us while this is about Atletis ultra problem. You ok? You got something you wanna tell us?

  36. This one isn’t about you. Go away.

  37. Banking adverts make so sense at all. Most people use their bank because they picked it when they had to do so. I don’t get how some 15 second tv spot is gonna make anyone think to switch.

  38. For sure, i personally think our ultras (frente) are great on greating athmosphere and believe most of them are nice (its more to do with them turning blind eye or not taking it seriously which is as bad in some cases), BUT all the cunts in there (and other non ultra cunt fans) should be banned, if the whole thing is found to be rotten it should be banned all together. AND if there is something illegal they should go to jail.

  39. Yeah,because real have zero history with scum fans...

  40. Florentino kicked the ultra sur out of the Bernabeu YEARS ago. It’s high time they did the same with the Frente.

  41. When we are talking about them right now... do they all have to carry a crest? 😅 asking because I forgott one for my second theyn

  42. Just give him a slightly cooler paint job than the others

  43. I’d say it’s a top 10 film of the year. Only Reddit seems to hate this movie so much.

  44. Movie is fine just don’t think it’s really BP material. Absolutely should be nominated (and even win) other categories.

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