1. Go to an auto parts store and have them pull the error code. If it's a P0420/P0430, it's a bad cat or possibly bad upstream O2 sensor. There are ways to check, take it to a shop. Also, catalytic converters don't have hoses connected to them.

  2. Partially but the main issue is the water. Nothing anyone can do about it.

  3. The new one apparently has an engine oil cooler, the old one didn't in a very obvious way. Neither have a transmission cooler, but they don't really make enough torque to really need one for most tracks.

  4. It's not as much of a cooler as it's more of an oil temperature regulator that helps oil get up to temp faster. Savagegeese was seeing oil temps over 270°F on track in his review.

  5. I agree with everything stated, and more. The one thing that confuses me is the loss of taste and smell. If it wasn't for that detail, the whole situation would be more clear. In practical terms, 0% and 0.0000001% are almost the same thing, and the unified global response has been a huge and deliberate over-reaction.

  6. Many people have reported symptoms that fall in line with radiation poisoning.

  7. Basically a bunch of people are freaking out because the virus has similar glycoproteins to the ones found in HIV, unfortunately most of the people in this subreddit don’t actually read the medical journals nor have the capacity to understand the meaning behind them - thus making these crazy conclusions. If they really wanted to infect us with HIV they would have to actually have the HIV genome in said virus, it structurally doesn’t even make sense as HIV has a reverse transcription genome while COVID has a positive sense strand genome. But atlas I will be downvoted and called a shill.


  9. Read it. It's not that long, and it's important. My conclusion is irrelevant; I'm not an expert. The person who wrote the article is and puts things mostly in layman's terms. But this may explain why we are seeing HIV content popping up everywhere.

  10. SS: There are three HIV binding sites found on SARS CoV2. Remember that this virus is manmade in a lab.

  11. Likely because there are 3 HIV binding sites found in SARS CoV2.

  12. I think I'm just gonna make my own thread about it. My comment is too buried.

  13. Likely because there are 3 HIV binding sites found in SARS CoV2.

  14. What do particles have to do with human sacrifices lol

  15. What “research” did you do to get the “fact” that the guy filming is now dead? That vid looks fake as shit to me. Plenty of comments on the vid say “he’s dead now” but not one can give a name or any shred of proof.

  16. You're right, it looks like the same Richie from Boston comment all over the web about it.

  17. I've got quite a bomb to drop on her about the overall quality of our food. I bet she'll still eat tho.

  18. In my country they more or less forced most people to comply or stop coming into work. When they complied Jan 1 came around this year and they are back to working from home and if essential back to two weeks in two weeks at home. Only the vaccinated are getting sick now. Zero was accomplished other then destroying the economy and destroying peoples lives.

  19. Why don’t you question faucis motives? He’s a mad scientist. His experiments on dogs and fetuses… his aids “research”, his annual income… where his wife works, where his daughter works, why are these not questioned?

  20. You're assuming a lot of me here. I suppose I could question everyone's motives and create multiple threads on each person I find questionable. But this thread is focused on one person. Fauci (sickle in Italian) is an enemy of mankind. But I think this sub has that covered, don't you think? I was hoping to explore something different here. My title may sound biased, but it is fairly neutral, as is my post. I did not criticize him, only questioned his intentions. I am on the same page as you on everything you stated!

  21. What Covid treatment are you referring to that we would forego? You are assuming the premise that hospitals in developed countries are treating Covid patients with effective treatments.

  22. Why would the people who already control everything want to create "chaos and upheaval"?

  23. The article doesn't know; it's just an educated guess. Anarchism would be ideal. I believe it's how we are designed originally, but we got lost. We are supposed to be empowered, able to make decisions in our best interest and craft a somewhat autonomous life. The ideal scenario is us managing ourselves, forming communities from the inside out. Sprinkle some global economics in there where it makes sense, like acquiring raw materials. Communities will center around food production, there will always be something to do. Working most of the day to grow food is as noble cause as any in my eyes, at least on Earth, stuck momentarily in our physical form.

  24. Do you like your children? You might be able to swing a 997.2 Carrera. Last time I checked you could get a Hellcat for around that also.

  25. Hellcat is too one dimensional. Would like a car which can handle the twisties too.

  26. Check the comment again, I forgot to add the middle sentence.

  27. Quite some balls on that dealer to not discount the car if it was in an accident so bad part of the door and a headlight needed replacement.

  28. Ethanol in our gasoline. The corn industry somehow successfully lobbied to put this crap in our fuel, and now we get worse gas mileage and older engines not designed for it are dying a slow death.

  29. I just got a 20/12/14 renown and it sounded like garbage. I had ridiculously high hopes for it but even after changing the heads it still had no tone. So sad. Any tips for making my renown sound better?

  30. My sizes are identical to yours. I got a Tune Bot specifically because I wanted to know the tonal range of the kit, and I wanted to assign numerical values to those ranges. I'll have to check when I get home what the lug pitches are for the top and bottom of the mounted and floor tom, but I aimed for medium resonance. The fundamental frequencies for each are ~130Hz for the mounted 12" tom, and ~90Hz for the 14" floor tom. This gives me a perfect fifth interval between them, and they sound glorious. The kick was super easy to get a nice fat sound with some punch. Try using this guide, and go from there.

  31. I gotta say, I’ve never been a fan of the one rack Tom set up.

  32. To counter, I don't mind the loss of the middle tom, and really cherish tucking that ride in close for intimate time.

  33. They can't avoid the issue. If companies automate everything, there will be no consumers to buy their shit. They will eventually either avoid automating on purpose or they will have to contribute to universal income (consumers will have other jobs still. who knows what that will be though)

  34. Our jobs will consist of hopping on exercise-bike electrical generators that feed energy back into the grid to power the automated machines. Think "Fifteen Million Merits" from Black Mirror.

  35. I'm not playing devils advocate, I'm simply arguing a point I believe to be true. Like the Wikipedia said it's an affix placed after the stem of the word. My argument is that the "fix" is the stem and the pre is the prefix. All the words in the list you sent have things like privitive As and other prefixs or suffixes. You can tell that fix is not a suffix because it sometimes goes at the beginning or end of the words it's in.

  36. My old post was removed; I wasn't supposed to mention in the title that I found him in unsatisfactory conditions (eating out of a dumpster). He didn't even put up a fight.

  37. Oye, you look like someone I've met before...only a couple times though. You wouldn't happen to be Mr. Silence would you?

  38. You have had the opportunity of meeting this person!? Did you get lost in his eyes in real life too? And what does Mr. Silence mean?

  39. I remember playing with my brother in the street of our quiet woodsy neighborhood in Alabama when we were kids, and this very thing happened. We both were in awe and began outrunning this powerful wave of rain making its way toward the house. It is one of my fondest memories with him, over two decades later. Oh time... why you fly so much.

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