1. I just hate people who refer to us as "furries" constantly in an argument, they treat it like it's a dehumanizing thing

  2. This is average sniper gameplay, there's literally nothing special about this clip

  3. This is average sniper gameplay, there's literally nothing special about this clip

  4. sadly it gets powercrept'd by world burn

  5. Christian furry here, i recently watched a video on the exact matter if furries are biblically acceptable and they are! Fear no longer friends, those goofy ahh Christians have zero knowledge of their own religion

  6. Hardpoint Rust is one of the best if you’re in the US region. Filled with bots for easy kills.

  7. Here's what I do Rust -dragon sand tiger jungle reptile Satellite domination for longshots

  8. Many of them are pretty funny too lol, even flashgitz themselves says they don't take the animations as what furries are

  9. Oh I know that, I just find it nice that we can laugh with them and understand the comedy of it, kinda like furry force

  10. It’s depressing that nobody seems to be able to do that, EGS sucks ass, xbox store is… well… Microsoft and gog simply can’t compete

  11. even when built for it, its still extremely meh and gets outclassed by its other vladof barrel vladof body pistol variants

  12. I'd go ask around in the borderlands discord server, iirc there's a ton of performance optimizations you can do in file configurations

  13. Yep, business inflation really turns me on

  14. Why is nobody talking about how the first dude spilled that much water out of the pool

  15. Yes, I never did. It’s unacceptable to become one in my country, so there aren’t any here. I don’t know if I should call my country an utopia because there aren’t furries and people outside normal genders, or a fucking shithole because our economy is fucked.

  16. Bros country jails you the second you like an anthro character

  17. but isn't that like taking off your skin?

  18. Also do you happen to recognize the popular borderlands 2 raid boss

  19. No? Our visors are an artifical part of our body, protogens have sort of like a half face under them

  20. Actually... I dont want more guns. I hope they start making stronger balances every season. There are a lot of guns that no one uses because they cant compete against the current meta. It would be funny to find different metas every season

  21. very bad, hyperion barrel and dahl grip

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