1. It's so someone doesn't "hockey fight" you, by pulling the shirt over your head. The shirt can control you and block your vision.

  2. shut up bro look where they are fighting its full with people at night they are probably drunk, your testosteron shoots through the roof you take your shirt off you scream you loud, jeez everybody is now an mma fighting expert, as if he thinks that far ahead

  3. this just tells you that your problems dont exist. You are just a tiny minuscle speck of chemical matter that will soon cease to exist forever in the qudarillion trillion million lightyears of the universe

  4. Why would anyone give a shit about “the grand scheme” it’s functionally fictional.

  5. nothing matters bro life is just a compilation of events which our brain registers till it stops functioning and we die forever.

  6. This video gas been posted dozens of times. Maybe it got removed because everyone was tired of seeing it?

  7. Ask the bots of Reddit. How much do you think you'll get for this profile when you sell it?

  8. It's a shame I don't understand German. But at the end when she ran back to him for another serving of getting her ass kicked . I bet she was screaming how dare you hit a woman . Here is some advice . Act like a woman and you will be treated like one . You act like a bully ? you will be treated like one also. What the hell is wrong with females today . She got up in his face, slapped him point blank, and fully expected him to just sit there and take it . Then he slaps her back and in her outrage she actually tries to fight him again . Delusional.

  9. when she walked back to him she screamed you dirty little son of a bitch( kleiner dreckiger hurensohn).

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