1. It's a spectrum (hence the rainbow) you could be high functioning in some areas that other people on the spectrum have real trouble with. At the same time you might find things they find easy impossible.

  2. Chickpeas lightly roasted with some olive oil then flakey sea salt (Maldon sea salt for instance) on top 👌

  3. There’s always room to get to your destination faster.

  4. And the remains of prostitute call cards from the 90's

  5. With handsets themselves I think some people have a bit of a hangover from when phones were more of an emerging technology. At one point two years was enough to see big upgrades in performance. There were also big differences between flagship phones and lower end one's. Now the rate of technological change has slowed and you can pretty much hold on to a phone until the battery won't hold charge any more (or longer if you're confident in getting it replaced). At the same time what you get from mid and low end phones has improved massively.


  7. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined - Steven Pinker

  8. I don't get it. Surely this is to reduce waste.

  9. The Troubles were political, I never said it wasn't. I said the BBC decision not to screen the episode was a compassionate decision, not rooted in politics, but for compassion for the victims of the political violence who did not need to know their loss was worth it in the end. I was not a decision made because Picard said that the violence worked, it was so people who were suffering did not have to hear it on top of their trauma and bereavement while chilling out watching a SF show to forget their troubles and the Troubles. I really cannot understand why people are not understanding this.

  10. But what you call compassionate ground, the things you listed were all political.

  11. I know. I don't agree with rule 2 though. I think it's absurd that we have to pretend that politics is never the answer to questions and doesn't affect people's lives. By nature it often is and does.

  12. Pretty sure this would be covered as part of the sales of goods act. Just eat hold no liability to you. You need to contact the takeaway, get the refund from them and they then need to take it up with just eat.

  13. Not sure this is so - OPs transaction/agreement is with JustEat.

  14. Oh yes you're right I think. I remember actually my gf had chips missing from an order once, their customer service is so scripted that they asked for photos. Stupid company.

  15. Everything about Tots TV terrified me back then, and still does now

  16. My thoughts are this isn't ops photo and the charity have rebranded most of their shops.

  17. Yea, that makes sense. Probably an out of date sign, their website is way nicer. I just was saying my immediate thoughts because that's how I interpreted the title.

  18. Yeah looks like it. Looks like this and one other shop are on the old signage still.

  19. If it's a junction you should have been giving way to them if you thought there was any possible they might want to cross you should have given way to them

  20. Wow those connecting pins (whatever they are called, the bits that latch the stacks together) really out there pulling double time

  21. You are aware that most of your British pro-EU people would be considered Eurosceptic in many nations like Germany?

  22. Given the state of our political system I'm moving towards a yes. Obviously the devil would be in the detail.

  23. Labour. (Not the party, people's hard work)

  24. I think these days with the flagships you're just paying for the most up-to-date software and camera, aren't you? The Samsung A-Series can be got for £30pm with high data and it can do everything a flagship could do 3-5 years ago in terms of performance, and that's all most people need if they're not playing games or doing photography/videography.

  25. If you're in the UK that's pretty damn illegal. Autism comes under protected characteristics. Employers should make reasonable adjustments and they definitely can't fire you for it.

  26. thank you for your message :) I could try but I doubt it would be successful because some of the things seemed like non-negotiable company policies (such as being friendly and welcoming to the customer, which I tried to do but couldn't do properly) and even if my autism is an explanation, at the end of the day I couldn't do the job properly. I'll check it out though and see if there's anything I can do because I feel like she was overly harsh.

  27. Good luck. I do fully understand not wanting to pursue things. Just remember that there are places you can go sepeeate from companies to gain support if you feel that you've been treated unfairly.

  28. Because they're not paid enough to care.

  29. You have to beat King Charles in hand to hand combat. You seen his hands?


  31. Any answer to this question will breach the rules of this sub. You see on askuk we're supposed to pretend that p****tics has no effect on people's lives and should never be talked about.

  32. Sounds like they'll say that's your reimbursement then. Just add it onto your CV for when you apply elsewhere. No one needs to know it was a bit dodgy and weird.

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