1. Ofc! We're happy to add channels, just don't know what kind. We're currently looking for suggestions on making the server more fun.

  2. Because none of their shippers know Kallen x Yae and Mei x kiana, even less know of Mei x bronya. Which are all canon ships

  3. I just say plastic 1 because I genuinely suck at the game

  4. that's literally what you've been pointing out. "Uh yeah from what I've seen" I don't get how pfps have anything to do with this

  5. May i ask how ppl get it? she doesn't know either.

  6. You can't get beta features, users will selected randomly to test features

  7. Why are you telling this to the internet? 💀 your gonna get older and see how cringe this is

  8. love makes you do weird shit you never thought you'd do

  9. Nope, ill be back in a few weeks and make everyone remember me again~

  10. He probably watches TV through other people's windows.

  11. Guess Lewis isnt getting his shorts back

  12. Congrats man, what was the last item you needed?

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